Why Restaurants Are Like Outhouses Overseas - Restaurants

Hotels and restaurants abroad ask us to obey one rule that even my mother could not get me to obey.

The non-USA world puts signs in the restroom of restaurants saying, “Please put toilet paper in wastebasket, do not flush down the toilet.”

Restaurant Trash

This rule is dumb, and we can be even dumber by obeying it. The only way the world will ever pay for proper sanitation is by disobeying the signs.

This rule reminds me of the rule in airplanes to turn off the cell phone during flights. Obviously, if I do shut my phone off, then I am the only one obeying the rule. Yet, strangely, Americans often obey the signs and put used toilet paper in the wastebin, as if this makes sense. Remember: We are in a restaurant ... where we eat.

(I keep wondering what percentage of people cheat on taxes.)

I refuse to live with crap inside my room, and I do not eat or live in outhouses.

Toilet Pape rSign


I so agree with this! Screw 'em if they can't fix the plumbing!

Big John 61

Simply explained. There is a hose to wash your ass. After doing this, if you feel the need, you pat yourself dry and then put the damp toilet paper in a bin. This stops the septic system becoming overloaded/blocked with toilet paper. After 2 decades in Southeast Asia, I'm a drip dry man myself, not wasting paper.

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