Restaurants Versus Street Food

Restaurants Versus Street Food, learn why Professional Travelers recommend you eat the majority of you food from street vendors.

Reason to Eat Street food as you Travel the Planet

  1. Cleaner, a person can inspect the kitchen, while in a Restaurant you never know what is going on.
  2. Cheaper, this food is generally sold at local prices, unless in the middle of the Tourist Bubble.
  3. It is the culture, normally inside a restaurant is not where the normal people eat.
  4. You can ask the cook to cook as you wish, and know they do it.
  5. There are staples the locals eat, almost exclusively sold as street food.

 New York Street Food

New York City Apples 

Barfroat in Ghana

Ghana Barfoat

 Beijing China

Beijing Night Market


Street Food Defined
Street food is food obtainable from a streetside vendor, often from a makeshift or portable stall. While some street foods are regional, many are not, having spread beyond their region of origin. The food and green groceries sold in farmers' markets may also fall into this category, including the food exhibited and sold in gathering fairs, such as agricultural show and state fair. Most street food are both finger and fast food. Food and green groceries are available on the street for a fraction of the cost of a restaurant meal and a supermarket. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, 2.5 billion people eat street food every day.

Concerns of cleanliness and freshness often discourage people from eating street food. Lack of refrigeration is often construed as a lack of cleanliness or hygiene; on the other hand, street food often uses particularly fresh ingredients for this very reason.

Street food is intimately connected with take-out, junk food, snacks, and fast food; it is distinguished by its local flavor and by being purchased on the sidewalk, without entering any building. Both take-out and fast food are often sold from counters inside buildings.

With the increasing pace of globalization and tourism, the safety of street food has become one of the major concerns of public health, and a focus for governments and scientists to raise public awarenesses.FSA hence provides comprehensive guidances of food safety for the vendors, traders and retailors of the street food sector in the United Kingdom.Other effective ways of curbing the safety of street foods are through mystery shopping programs, through training and rewarding programs to market stallers, through regulatory governing and membership management programs, or through technical testing programs.

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