Restaurants for Travelers

Restaurants for Travel, how to make good choices by ais explained by Professional Travelers.

Why eat in a Tourist Restaurant?
Please understand, in a Tourist Restaurant we are trying to take the good part of the culture home, and avoid the negative parts. If you truly want to learn the true culture, you need to eat Street Food, or go to a Restaurant where tourist never enter. If you see a Foreigners, you are not immersed.

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Restaurants for Travelers

Restaurants for Travel, how to make good choices by ais explained by Professional Travelers.

Restaurants Versus Street Food

Restaurants Versus Street Food, learn why Professional Travelers recommend you eat the majority of you food from street vendors.

Solutions To Restaurant Menus Abroad In Foreign Languages

How do we read a menu in a foreign language? What can a restaurant do to make it easier?

Toothpicks - How to carry a Toothpick Travel Tip Video

Are you addicted to toothpicks? This easy tip will show you how to have a toothpick with you when traveling abroad. Restaurants

Video of Cindy's Diner a Classic American Diner in Fort Wayne Indiana

There is a type of restaurant in the USA called a "Diner." A diner is a prefabricated restaurant, often with an exterior layer of stainless steel.

Why Restaurants Are Like Outhouses Overseas - Restaurants

Hotels and restaurants abroad ask us to obey one rule that even my mother could not get me to obey.


  1. Menu in English
  2. Avoid the negative parts of the local culture.
  3. Enjoy the good parts of a local culture.
  4. Staff speaks English
  5. Eat Western Food, American Food, Developed World Food when in strange country.
  6. Learn information about the food of country, not just eat, but to be informed and educated.
  7. Avoid Beggars and Tour Operators that follow us into normal local restaurants.
  8. Meet other Expatriates of Foreigners
  9. Owned by a Developed Country Foreigner and the Cleanliness and Local Culture negatives removed.
  10. Find Books in English
  11. To find assistance on visiting Tourist Attractions

50s Diner in Baguio Philippines Luzon Island

50 Diner in Baguio, Philippines - An Excellent example of why go to a Tourist Restaurant

Why not to eat in a Tourist Restaurant?

  1. Pay the same as Home or Double
  2. Food can be old, and they do not throw aways, they know tourist only enter the restaurant one time, therefore they do not depend on repeat customers.
  3. It can be a sucker punch, they act as if they are giving you Western Service, but in reality a joke.
  4. Many day bags are stolen because thieves wait for you to enter.

Street Food Restaurants

  1. Safer than Restaurants because you can inspect the cook and kitchen
  2. Priced at local prices if you are not naive and just pay what they say.

Why Enter Chain Restaurants like Pizza Hut or Subway?

  1. Not have cultural Fatigue
  2. Keep the Kids Happy
  3. Hope of Quality
  4. Food is often different, but there is the core food the same.

Guatemala Restaurant Food

Panajachel, Guatemala Restaurant Food or Tourist Food

Restaurant Defined
    A restaurant prepares and serves food, drink and dessert to customers. Meals are generally served and eaten on premises, but many restaurants also offer take-out and food delivery services. Restaurants vary greatly in appearance and offerings, including a wide variety of cuisines and service models.

    While inns and taverns were known from antiquity, these were establishments aimed at travellers, and in general locals would rarely eat there. Modern restaurants, as businesses dedicated to the serving of food, and where specific dishes are ordered by the guest and generally prepared according to this order, emerged only in 18th-century Europe, although similar establishments had also developed in China.

    A restaurant owner is called a restaurateur; both words derive from the French verb restaurer, meaning "to restore". Professional artisans of cooking are called chefs, while prep staff and line cooks prepare food items in a more systematic and less artistic fashion. 

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Tourist Restaurant in Baguio Philippines

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