Travelers are Tolerant Then Why the Look of Disgust?

Travelers Are Tolerant Then Why The Look Of Disgust - Responsible Travel

Travelers are tolerant? Then why the look of disgust?

Travel is real life marching at double time under a high powered microscope. Travel jam packs new experiences into half the time, and does not allow you to ignore the world.

Mark Twain had a haunting writing style, the way he mixed words by twisting them so the words appeared harmonious. These words have good shelf life, and provokes one to revisit just to be sure we understand, cognitive dissonance on steroid. One quote by Mark Twain is romantically said by travelers as a weapon against people who do not travel, this has an intellectual arrogance, which should not be tolerated.

Travelers often say this quote below --- trying to imply that because they traveled, they are now enlightened.

"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness."
- Mark Twain

Therefore all you need to do is buy a plane ticket to Mexico if you have a few problems and China for those with mid-range problems, and if you really are truly prejudice, come to Africa.

And, maybe because I have traveled perpetually for 15 years, it is my right to say, I have reached nirvana. Aagh, this is hogwash, I now harbor secret thoughts I can never write in this Blog.

From my point of view, all the world problems are because we have learned to tolerate our fellow man. Nobody is going to stand up in modern society, and today’s world and say,
“You are responsible.”
Poverty is not the fault of the poor person, this is the mantra of tolerance, and this alone causes poverty, bad water, corruption, and every social problem on the planet to exist.

Waste Basket  dirt ground in dirt

This is in my Hotel Room.

I saw your happy face, or was that a face of disgust? I am in Ghana, Africa, and will pick on the waste basket in America, commonly called rubbish bin in England.

Travel is accepting that people are disgusting, dirty, and deserve the life they chose, and good fun.

I can hear the thought in your head,
"I would never live that way."

As if, when you travel, you would be smarter, and would make better decisions than me, which is hopeful, and maybe you can. But, the majority of tourists are happy to return home, and take off the happy face, and stop pretending all the digusting things make you happy.

This waste bin makes me disgusted, and it should make you disgusted, it is hard to imagine how many times the cleaning lady ignored the dirt.

I believe that travel has made me 100 percent responsible for my happiness, I cannot blame God, the Hotel, or the dog.

I am going to clean this travel can today, to leave the room in better shape than when I met it. 

The responsible traveler knows that giving money, giving help, volunteering, and the Non Governmental Organization are destroying the planet. Creating welfare nations, and countries that believe it the USA's responsibity to fix the problems they created.

I am going to be extremely intolerant of the Hotel, I am going to clean this waste basket myself, I purchased some scouring powder, and a scrub brush yesterday. I will clean this bin, and do my best to make my room obviously better than it was when I entered, I leave rooms cleaner than when I entered.

The locals often laugh at me, when I am cleaning my room, or washing my clothes and hanging them in the sun. I am constantly trying to find a place to throw my trash when walking around the city, sometimes I ask a vendor to throw it away. The person knows that everyone that live here would just drop it, but this white guy wants to be responsible.

Travel has made me 100 intolerant of the world, I do not look the other way, I do not smile and pretend it is good, I do not make them feel guilty with looks of disgust. I never pay more money than what the locals could muster up to solve their problems. Sustainable solutions are always free and simple, it is saying this is intolerable, and making the situation better.

Yes, you are right, you would not live this way, but, I am a traveler, and it is what it is, no more, and no less, life on life's terms, no romanticized, juicy intellectual arrogances, just walking the planet, one step in front of the other, leaving my Hotel room cleaner than when I entered, what did you do today?

Tue, 1 Jan 2013 00:51:38

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