Four years on the road and I found out I have a problem.
I do NOT have middle class guilt, I always knew in the back
of my mind that I was a little different than most of the travelers.
But it took this 26 year old drug loving, obnoxious, �Brit�, that reveled in
offending people to explain to me some simple truths. His honesty
and frankness was even difficult for me to handle. Honesty can
get a person in a lot of trouble in this era. The great intellectuals of
our days are more intent on justification of their moral decay and
decadence then the pursuit of truths.
This guy is dangerous... He is honest.

I love to have names for my personal problems. Note; I am not
going to change, but I can now understand why some of the other
travelers try to shame me into a agreeing with them. I am extremely
excited about this new outlook on life.
The sun has risen for another day.
It does it every day, and really is not a big deal.

Well... Now that off my chest. What should I talk about?
I could be the like the travelers WITH middle class guilt and
leave you hanging. Making you feel stupid that you do not understand
this term. It is not politically correct to admit you do not know or
understand everything. I hate being politically correct, although I will
admit I really have no idea what that means.
It is hard to learn all these trendy buzzwords while traveling.
I finally learned the real reason people take V�Eeagra. (Do not want filtered).
I thought all them guys had a real problem.

Just the yesterday I receive an e-mail from a person that
was trying to say I needed to do more research, and that I
need to get the correct information in my newsletters.
Inferred maybe I was lazy and should do more to understand
why the ladies along the street were fat, and that they were
I agree. The are malnourished.
They should stop eating candy and coca leaves.
It would help their teeth also.

Of course I try to be as lazy as possible, before I get too bored
and have to get up and do something. And as for me being
intelligent or stupid. That just does not seem an issue, because
all of you have the ability to unsubscribe from this newsletter.
So if my comments are stupid, then maybe you should pass a better
judgement and unsubscribe, or maybe try relax and enjoy the benefits
of ignorance..... There is a small line between ignorance and genius.
I am sure I lean toward the ignorant side. Less stress that way.
Or sometimes it�s fun to listen to people that actually
go out into the world to learn, and do not already know what they
will encounter.

We travel to other countries with preconceive ideas about the country.
Then go search long and hard until we find the proof that the
preconceive ideas was correct.
Reality is easy to find.


�I am never sure how to think about this poverty issue. I am sure
the governments make it look bad, so the western countries will
send lots of free money. But I can not get a handle on who is poor
exactly. I can tell you these older Indian women are way too fat,
and need to go on diets. I suppose it is hard to not eat, or snack
when you sit on the side of the street selling food, and candy all
day. �


I think people do not like it when you do not come to the same
conclusion as them. I perceived something, and called it as I
saw it.

I have looked up this word sensitive about 20 times in my life.
Ever since Judy my girlfriend of age 20.... (The one I should have married)
told me I was insensitive. So I have been trying to figure out what
she meant ever since... Lazy no, but maybe I am slow.

So to prove I tried again.. Here is the my Encarta (CD) a.k.a.
Computer Disk definition. (a.k.a.: Also Known As)... I love a good
acronym... Makes me totally confused. They have them in Spanish

Sensitive (s�n"s�-t�v) adj. (adj.. Adjective... What is that?)
1. Capable of perceiving.
2. Responsive to external conditions or stimulation.
3. Susceptible to the attitudes, feelings, or circumstances of others.
4. Quick to take offense; touchy.
5. Easily irritated.
6. Readily altered: film that is sensitive to light.
7. Registering very slight differences or changes.
8. Of or relating to classified information.


I really think Judy wanted me to keep my mouth closed
and not irritate her friends, or my friends. But in reality I think
it was the only reason she loved me... I told the truth.
Or at least was trying.
Obnoxious and offending as it may be. I have always said,
�If you really want to hurt someone...
Tell them the truth about themselves.�

OK... I am sure some of you think I am just plain
ignorant, and why in the world I travel and write this letter.
Seem simple to me... If I knew it all. I could stay home and
not learn anything. I come out into the world to �Perceive�.
(That was in the #1 line of the definition of sensitive... I think
it also means it is more important)
I suppose I could also read some statistics and trust them people
that think that Darwin was wrong.
I do not trust them and their statistics.
I let God do his job, and I do mine.


I will take a break, and go look for Sam.... So he can tell me
again. What Middle Class Guilt is...
( I am not suppose to end a sentence with a verb... Si o No)

I found him with his head on the table. Not that happy for me
to ask a lot of simpleton questions at 8:30 in the morning.
He was not hung over. He was just did not see that it as a little
different to hang your head on the table.
An iconoclast.
( Sam does make me feel a little stupid... Maybe I am?)

Like pulling teeth, I had to weed out the opinions from Sam.
I asked,
�Tell me again Sam, what is Middle Class Guilt?�
He said,
�They are idiots, they live alternative life styles when they do
not have to.�
I asked,
�What do you mean?�
He said,
�They pretend they are poor when their rich,
They pretend they care when they do not,
The feel guilty for what they did. What their friends, and family
have created.
�They walk and do not take a taxi to prove they are poor,
Then go shopping.�

I asked,
�How can you tell who they are?�
He said,
�By the fervor in their eyes,
Like born again poor.
The really can�t leave you alone.�

I can understand this.
They try to make me feel guilty for how they live and
what they have. Like I am somehow be ashamed because I do
not feel guilty like them. I think to myself.
�What did you do to feel so guilty?�

I was walking to the immigration office to extend my
visa for another 30 days while laughing and discussing
with Matt from Australia about the funny conversation.
I need at least 30 more days. I am sure all the travelers
here came to Bolivia because of the beauty and the culture.
But for me... I like countries that are cheap.

The Aussies have great senses of humor and we had
a good chuckle.

I said,
� I never feel guilty when I see a poor person.
I spend all my time making sure I am not them.
How could I have time worrying about them.
My mother is happy when I have enough money
to eat and stay out of Jail.�

Me too he said,
�I�m more worried about myself.�

Later I told Sam he was too young to be that Jaded.
And we both looked at each other.
�So what...�

There is a guy. Eyes crusted over with tears, and sitting
on the sidewalk. Hand thrust out. Not able to see.
People need to step to the side to avoid the hand and
look ahead to avoid his blank eyes with a white film over
them. You hope that he is blind, so that he is not looking
a you when you walk around and do not put money in his

The very old, the blind, the people with no arms, legs.
Sitting, crawling, sleeping along side a building.
This is a governments by the people, and for the people
that do not take care of people.

These are Socialist, Communist, or Dictators.
Talking the confusion of Che Guevara
�Born into a middle-class family in Rosario, Argentina,
Guevara received a medical degree from the
University of Buenos Aires in 1953�
A good example of middle class guilt.

There are people that are obvious on the short end of
the draw in life. and there are fat ladies selling candy.

I wish I had a dollar to drop in the hat of people with
no arms or legs. The fat lady should eat less.

There are people in this country with 4 wheel drives
riding around, selling the Coca, working for the Government,
members of the Church. That should feel guilty for not taking
care of their family and friends.
They have the money.

I do not feel guilty.
Those of you wishing to make me feel guilty
for your middle class guilt.
Go bother someone else.

I am not perfect.
I care...
I am just not sure what to do.
A rich kid trying to make a hobo feel guilty does no good
Thank you God.
I�m alive and doing fine.

La Vida Buena
Beso y Abrazos

Andy the hobo

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