Border Crossing Problems

Report Border Crossing Problems

Silopi Turkey - Iraq Border

When I crossed into Iraq from Silopi Turkey it was not possible to know if it was open, I needed to go to the border to know.
- Andy Graham 2003

Please Report Border Crossing Problem

We need:

  1. Country Entering
  2. Country Leaving
  3. Cities Names at Border
  4. Date and Year
  5. Description of the Problem

    Optional: Photos of Border Guard, Names of Border Guards

Please click on Contact and answer all these questions and it will be posted in this areas.

Type of Problems to Report

  1. Border Guard Asked for Bribe
  2. Required to Pay for Visa when you already had a Multi-Entrance Visa
  3. Pinned down in office and guard made Sexual Advances
  4. Border was close when it was supposed to be open.

Wed, 18 Aug 2010 14:12:45

Report Border Crossing Problems

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