Withholding of Forgiveness is a Slippery Road

I believe there are three rather problematic human behaviors.

Now, I am not responsible for you; however, I want to be an expert on how I should live my life.


Two Great Problems
1. "the withholding of forgiveness of others." Read
-- I am under the impression, the other person needs to ask for forgiveness.

2. "the negative or condemnatory judgment of others, particularly when they are in truth." Read
-- I think this means to gossip, or trying to make a good person appear as bad, maybe because of jealousy, envy, or for manipulative reasons.

Third Bigger Problem to Me

3. I think to cause two humans to argue, this is to accept, and take on the job of the devil, more or less to become a partner with him, maybe her... hehehe

All problems are waiting for solutions, and once you know there is a problem, then you have no excuse when you allow the problem to remain. Fun stuff, and definitely a slippery road to travel.

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Life is Good
Andy Graham



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