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The Ten Commandments Lacks Threats and Extortions

The Ten Commandments to me lacks some premeditated sins, and skips over extortion, corruption, and intimidation.

Sun, 23 Sep 2012 03:16:34

It appeared to me, that the Christian Ten Commandments does not properly address people who make threats. Intimidation, corruption, and extortion, just are not properly addressed by the Ten Commandments.


This Man is Making a Threat --- Does the Bible adequately address threats?

Everything seems to be focused on Paradise and Heaven; yes I am aware that parents, preachers, and other Christians talk incessantly about going to Hell for sinning. But, it is not fair to blame God, for what humans do.

It is intriguing that the Ten Commandments sort of left out the act of making "Threats." I believe making threats is truly a despicable act, while explaining consequences can be saintly. I see it as a miracle when groups of humans stop irresponsible thinking, therefore it would be saintly when one person motivates humans to be responsible for their actions.

Motivating People

I enjoy studying, and dwelling about motivations, what makes people do what they do? For the most part, in my opinon, it is just a big pile of greed that motivates people. People enjoy getting something for nothing, this motivates people to be clever first, and hard working second.

The greed to become popular, well known, famous, to somehow rise in status, the ablility to say, we are special this is the ultimate motivating factor of humans. For example, the prime selling point of Apple products, is the users feel the can brag that it is better, there are no threats, paradise to people is when they feel above others, and not below, I guess heaven is up, and not down. Facebook is honest, they are saying, we are going to allow you to celebrate your face!
"Please make youself famous and popular, we know you want to do this."
--- "Join the lottery, you could become famous, a big face."

Telling people they are special is motivating, promoting dreams, while explaining the consequences is almost a zero motivating aspect. Working hard because of the threat of poverty is seldom a human motivation, yet, I am told, the average human tells a lie very three minutes, is everyone a con man at heart? Yes, the Ten Commandments did address the big problem, the desire to have what others have...

God did not deal well with "Threats" in the Ten Commandments.