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The Buddhist Monks in Burma are Fighting Back Against Islamic Invaders

The Buddhist Monks in the Rakhine State of Burma seem to have had enough of the Islamics and NGO's, they are fighting back.

Fri, 16 Nov 2012 02:37:26

It appears the Burma Monks and people have had enough of the Islamics spreading around the planet. It appears to many Islamic people have entered Burma from Bangladesh. The Monks and Buddhist people are whacking a lot of the Islamic people who sit around causing headaches for the planet; they really are up to no good.

"In early November, (2012) Doctors Without Borders reported that pamphlets and posters were being distributed in Rakhine State threatening aid workers who treated Muslims, causing almost all of its local staff to quit." WIKI

It is about time somebody told the NGO's to get out...

What happens is this the bad boys are always hiding behind the NGO's, the Press, and groups like the UNHCFR: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

Sometimes I think the Christians are just plain stupid, like somehow it our fault for making terrorists, I am tired of people apologizing. There is a cult spreading around the planet, protected by the do-gooders who are naive and stupid.

 Buddhist Monks in Burma

This is what happens, there is this do gooder in the USA, that thinks he or she understand the world. They get a passport, and go try to save the planet. They don't even know where Burma is located, and they want to save them, this is some sort of superiority complex, that bridges on racism.

The theory goes like this, because I am rich, I know how to help you!

Stay Home

Please do not think the Europeans know better, Hitler thought he was superiour, this is something ugly folks.

Religions do cause wars, but it would take a lot of work to have Buddhist Monks put you on their hit list.

Andy Graham
November 2012


The Rakihine State in Burma, where the Monks are fighting back.