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Christmas and God is Laughing at Me

Christmas And God Is Laughing At Me - Religion

Christmas and God is Laughing at Me

“If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.”
- Woody Allen

The proof of God is “Ironic Coincidences,” it is 5:40 am here in Africa, in a small hotel, the fan is beating down, with incessant clarity it talks,
“Andy, you are alone.”
I had many plans, and never thought I would be sleeping alone this Christmas, therefore this quote was right for me to hear today. It is strange, almost creepy, that somehow I hear appropriate comments at the exact times I need to hear them.

I am watching “Army Wives,” a pretty sad state of affairs when one needs to keep his mind busy watching downloaded television shows in the wee hours of the morning.

Iraq amputee

But, I am alone, and on the show, a man with no legs is talking to a group of American soldiers who lost body parts in Iraq, and he says, “If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.”
He said,
“All my plans involved having legs.”

I came to Africa with a whole pile of plans, and none of them seem to be coming true this Christmas.

I know many of you want to take a stand about God, “There is no God, or there is a God, and he knows when even a small bird dies, and falls to the ground.”

Well, maybe I should have prayed, asked God to make sure that all my plans here in Africa came true. But, I do not pray for much, sometimes I ask for forgiveness, or ask to forgive others, knowing the outcome is up to me, God can rest and do nothing, I can forgive, or forgive myself, and he can stay out on the Golf course.

I ask God to make my plans come true, and as even the Bible says, there is always a way to avoid temptations, and asking God to answer my prayers, is just tempting me to blame, or be angry with God. I think God should be translated as Good, no more, no less, and I do pray to do the right thing, to do “Good” today, as is my basic nature.

Because, I know that if I allow anger, and the bad of the world to interfere with my life, I will surely experience hell on earth, I have 100 percent faith that good does give me freedom.

I guess, I do believe, that if I made plans, then God would laugh at me, if there is one thing that is always 100 percent guaranteed, it is that no plans should be made in life, because life is good, yet never goes as planned.

Good does answer prayers, it always delivers, while God has some fine print, if I have faith in Good, then all will be OK. If I prayed to have my prayers answered, then I am not doing my best to be good.

I know, I should erase what I typed above, but today, I want to be honest. I do believe God has a sense of humor, and can understand honesty. But, I am always afraid of people who believe in God, or people, who are 100 percent atheist, they feel to be zealots of a sort, and will kill me, or try to cause me harm to protect their beliefs, both believe in something, and not good.

I believe the world is basically atheist, because most people, who profess to believe in God, will lie and need to pray. While, if they believe in Good, they could take a pass, do the right thing, and relax today.

Well, today God is laughing at me, and that is fine, mockery is human, while doing good, while everyone around you is not is Godly. Any gamble I make, I know that being a good person is heaven, because I do not have to remember lies, or feel guilty.

I do believe that continuous prayer is a sign of a sinful mind, and all knowing, all powerful God get the message in 5 words or less.

Again, honesty will make a good person happy and a sinful person feel guilty and angry. To truly annoy person, tell me I did something wrong, try to tell me I sinned, and God did not answer prayers because of my sins, and I will know you are the devil trying to prove you are God. hehehe

Fun stuff, Merry Christmas 2012, life is good, I am grateful today, to have the time to think about the good Gods.


Hi Andy, I am so sorry you are alone. I thought Bah would be with you. (Maybe it would've been good to have Christmas with Mom and Dad Graham - is it too late for you to get there?

Anyhow, God bless you and you're in my prayers. I don't think I'm a crazy Christian and I think doing good is doing for God -- I did a little Christmas talk, and said the way to celebrate Jesus' birth is to give to Him the way He said -- by giving to the "least of these," those truly in need. Well, we're struggling to pay our bills now (can't do it without some kind of miracle) but it's our own fault - 3 properties and my husband won't agree to sell one. Oh well. At least I believe God will get us through somehow.

But I want to wish you a Merry Christmas, anyhow. I wish there was more I could do.

Your friend,

Sally K


I will not get into GOD yes or no as that is up to the individual to do and we all have different beliefs and opinions on this subject.
I do believe in Jesus as he did exist and so Merry Christmas to all and Happy birthday Jesus.

I also believe in good. I have done many stupid, bad things in my life but as I grew older I realized how stupid I was at times. I do believe that if one has any common sense they will gain some wisdom as they age. They will learn from theirs and others experiences and try to not repeat the dumb stuff. I have did my best to do good as much as possible but every now and then I still do something not very intelligent but at least not nasty bad either.
I gave up organized religion long ago as I became better educated I could not deal with all the politics, business and corruption that was part of their agendas.
I studied religion in college and have also read most of the Bibles and Koran and a few other religious books so I think I have a reasonable understanding of what they are about, in an academic way.

I gravitated toward Buddhism as I decided it (Buddha) said the very same things other religious people said after him, incl Jesus. They did not say anything new only in a different way and that basically if you do good in your life you will die a good person and discover nirvana, heaven or whatever may follow. This again is what all organized religions tell us.
Anyway I consider myself a philosophical Buddhist not religious.

I would like to point out that all the major organized religions were not organized, started by their so called founders. Buddha, Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, etc. They preached good, they spoke as prophets not as priests or gods. Their followers did the organizing over time, they wrote the words of the ones they followed and always a long time after they were gone and at a time when the written word was not always very accurate.

But none the less let's all try to enjoy the holidays and do the things good people do.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Andy, two years ago I lost two online friends who were driving through Africa, there last post was in Republic of Congo standing with 4 grim looking cop/mercenary types who had blown out their front tire with a semi automatic and took them to some 'station'. They have not been heard from since. Hope they are well somewhere! Here in El Salvador stores, markets and malls are full of shoppers, crazy drivers, everyone in a rush, The Mayan 'End of the World' Baktun 13 ceremonies have ended and we are still here. I like Bill 99 s comment, A lot of people put down El Salvador and Guatemala as being 'dangerous and corrupt' but people in these 2 countries helped save the lives of my Mother, Aunt and Uncle in 1941 from Nazi Holocaust in Europe, now over 60, now do not have to give a damn what people think, A "Jehovahs Witness" here in El Salvador told me in front of friends teh other day all us JEWS are stingy, exploit people and We do not believe in G-d(Hashem The Name)I am not religious but never insult my people or my culture that man is now on my TOXIC PEOPLE list to avoid, never have a BATTLE OF WITS WITH AN UNARMED PERSON! Love an intelligent debate, we Jews 'kvetch' complain (i e Seinfeld, Larry David, etc.)but do it with style and humor. Enjoy the Holidays, enjoy life, I used to whine all day, still got a lot to work on, still learning something new every day, would point out those in 'organized religions and some 'recovery programs' have a minority of members who are 'my way or the highway' kind of persons, again to me they are toxic, avoid. I pray with my feet sometimes, when I am uncomfortable with a person or in a place I do not feel right, I move my feet! We help to help the disadvantaged this time of year, as much as possible, best gift you can recieve is unconditional love from a sick child you have just given a gift to!!!!!!!!!!!! All the rest is well, conversation!


I have been separated from family on holidays in the past and it is a special kind of sadness. I know that you love Africa and love the promise of Bah. From an observer's standpoint, the differences between you two seem too great a barrier to cross. Your blog is almost always interesting and thought provoking and for that I thank you. Merry Christmas Andy and best of luck in the New Year.



Hello, thanks for all the comments. I know many think I am away from home, but truly I am home here, and not at home in America. A girl is a girl anywhere on the planet, and all of us have the ability to be playful. I do not want an adult, mortgage, spend money, buy 5 dollar coffee at Starbuck life. I do not believe God is going to save me, if anything he or she gave me the ability to be happy by being good.

I am sad that people make love and happiness so difficult. All I want in life from a woman is a playful heart, I have all I need, and way to much more. Bah and all people have the ability to play, to stop taking themselves serious. I was laughing to myself the other day, Bah wants and wants, and wants, she reminds me why I do not date American women. I thought she could be happy by having more than other African girls. But, she is the same as American girls, she has a never-ending list of new wants, never satisfied.

I am not going home, that would be hell, and Bah is a great girl.

God truly does laugh at plans, they never work, that is the point, just enjoy the day, put in your time, and smile. IF there is a God, and I do not give a shit, I will live my life the same either way, then he or she, gave us the ability, the free will to choose our smiles.

Merry Christmas, and it is a weird idea, the need to be worshiped.

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