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Cause Division Between People

Maybe the greatest sin is to cause division between people, to cause people to argue and be confused is the work of the Devil.

Fri, 24 Dec 2010 02:48:54

I believe that God allows confusion to exist so that man has the opportunity to argue. When a person walks away from confusion, arguments, and refuses to be sucked into them, the person has succeeded in being a good person. Allowing ourselves to be sucked into an argument and become angry is not the Kingdom on Earth; it is trip to beyond the bottom of the well.

Pretty much in a nutshell, a good person should do their best to stay out of arguments over God or the good Gods, and for sure, we should not start arguments, because the starting of arguments is the work of Satan, and we should not be missionaries for Satan by starting arguments for him, or maybe her. (Is Satan a man or women?)

Cause Division Between People