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The sources of information for research are long and varied, but I will try to give credit where credit is due. I am a big reader of the Encyclopedia and have used extensively the Encyclopedia Encarta by MSN and the Encyclopedia Britannica. I always recommend you pick up the Encyclopedia first in your quest for knowledge and follow that string of related links.

Note that all the tips and hints are a combination of horse sense, experience and OPINIONS. I am only telling you my story, and how I live.

Andy HoboTraveler.com January 2004, Sipir, India


Casual sources are referenced immediately and normally if possible a link back is provided, we utilize a number system  for the references below because they have been used and recommended as sources by Hobo many times.
Example:  (1)

Thanks to all of these great sources,
Andy of HoboTraveler.com

1. Encyclopedia Britannica Computer Version 2003 Deluxe Edition CD-Rom

2. Encyclopedia Encarta Microsoft


4. U.S.A. Central Intelligence Agency Factbook about countries.

5.  Computer Desktop Encyclopedia - Computerlanguage.com


7. - An online open-source encyclopedia.


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