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Everyone writes and ask.... Which company? What product do you recommend. I refuse to answer until I believe in a company or product. My readers are ruthless. They will write some nasty e-mails if I screw up and say the wrong thing. So here is my laundry list of gear or THING used or carried with me in my 11 plus years of travel. It makes it easy to answer e-mails also because I just send the link. Hehehe....

I use and would recommend these companies or products.

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I made my backpack, it is sample bag, I plan on manufacturing them in Guatemala.
Travel Bag Information page

I am using a Canon Camera

Hewlett Packard and merged with Compaq Presario

I have carried a Compaq and now a Hewlett Packard Pavilion in my backpack for 7 plus years. 40 Plus countries. I can get this computer fixed in other countries, and they have WebPages is support.... aagh. But they will tell you where to get serviced.  Mine had a red reformat disk to completely clean the disk and start over when you catch a virus or it get out of sync. 110 or 220 is automatic with the new electronics. I hope it has a lithium battery, because the nickel cadmiums are worthless batteries. I do not own this, but would buy on the price. I believe that 1000 is the top price needed to pay for a laptop computer. If you need more than that. You are a severe techie or want to make movies.

1. Approximate price of 1000 U.S. Dollars or less.
2. Have your serial number PUT ON RECEIPT or you will have problems with warranty work in other countries.


Digital Sound Meter from Radio Shack
Blog post about the Meter


 I could not find this meter by Radio Shack, I think about any would do ok.
Fun to know if your Hotel is truly quiet?

GPS Magellan eXplorist 100
Blog Post about GPS

Dreamweaver is supposed to be good. I have not tried it yet. But the big feature is that is needed is the ability to make thumbnails. You can also make animated graphic with the image composer. Plus everyone else can help you with the program. Because lots of people have this program and that helps a lot in the learning.

Read tip number 109 - TIPS
This is not in archive yet so read HERE
10 Reason to carry Duct Tape when traveling.

GEAR AND SMALL ITEMS PURCHASE FROM: I buy a lots of gear from Walmart


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