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The Travelers Creed - Guidelines for Members of

This is a statement of Hobo travelers' beliefs, whereby we can recognize other travelers of like mind, who accept the travel lifestyle, and are respectful.

Sun, 12 May 2013 22:19:26

A Hobo Way is person who wants, believes all people have a good story to tell, likes a great conversation.


1. Membership is free, people can be a Hobo member for life, with never getting verified.

2. 10 comments. After 10 comments members are required to be verified as a real person for the safety of other members.


3. Profile Photos - We require all members to have a great, easy to recognize profile photo. So when members meet they can easily identify. To refuse, we will delete membership.

4. If you meet other members, you are required to show identification, and prove you are honestly representing yourself.

5. Political statements are problems. If said as a lady and gentleman with good manners then fine. If said as if to school members, then please beware. You can be deleted without warning, or recourse.

The creed below is one that we, as a community of travelers, individually accept. It makes real travel possible and safe for all of us. It is up to our own consciences to live this creed, but we know that doing so helps ourselves, our fellow travelers and other honest citizens of the world.

The Traveler’s Creed.

We want Hobos to share links, share email address, share any way they wish to communicate. We want Hobos to help other travelers. We want Hobos to freely explain how they earn money and where the work. We want friendship.

The "Talk Wall," and "Private Messages" is for travelers to freely share recommendations, advice, and information without any financial benefit. And if they do receive benefit, the conversation always starts with "I make money, commission, get a free room, free this, if I recommend X." When a person talks too sweet, too nice, never a negative word, this is the sign of a "Weaving Spider."

We will never purposely and willfully give information to another traveler that could cost them money or bring them harm. We know there will come a time when my safety could depend on the advice of a fellow traveler.

We accept that it is my responsibility to help other travelers when called upon. This is an obligation We accept, knowing that we can depend on other travelers to help us in our time of need.

Added October 25, 2018. Statements of Opinion, often like a political opinion will be closed, not deleted, but too many harsh, mean spirited words, rants can be deleted. Do NOT reply to these opinions if you desire them to stop, let them die for lack of attention, indifference. 

Added August 22, 2018 -NAMES OF MEMBERS Comments using the name of other members is not allowed. If cynical, sarcastic or direct attack, a member can get deleted instantly. Happy comments about other members are allowed. If in question, we delete the comment, or delete the member. (Taken, modified from Roberts Rules of Order.)

Added July 26, 2018 -COPY AND PASTE ADVERTISING. Repeating content. Two problems. Some people will copy, and paste private messages, or repeat advertisements on the Hobo Talk wall. Members will be banned as we see fit, we want people to talk about their work, we don't want them to advertise their work.

Added August 3, 2018 GAMING OF HOBO WEBSITE to play game with the truth, for example, put up a profile photo with a hat, and glasses. 

Added July 18, 2018 - NO SCHOOLING, TEACHING OTHER MEMBERS Do Not School Other Hobo Members. Click here to read about Schooling someone. If the person feels like you are instructing him or her how to live, this is not allowed, we can only talk about our experiences, not the experience, or motives of others.

Added July 17, 2016 DON'T TALK TO STRANGERS
We do not talk with strangers, we are always in the process of becoming friends, the reason we are talking with strangers is for the goal of becoming friends. When a person demands to be anonymous, we walk away. People who have no desire to be friends with members will be deleted, without warning.

We believe these guidelines to be self-evident of members of respect, and honor, and that members in good standing will treat others with respect regardless of their differences.

We have chosen the life of a traveler, a lifestyle discouraged by family and employers. We will not fight their opinions, as they have the right to live their lives as they wish, and so do we.

We accept that when called upon, we must freely share my name, profession and my real travel experience, including length of traveling time, number of countries and locations we have visited. This allows fellow travelers to gauge the value of our opinions and make sound judgments for their travels.

We accept that money spent is an essential question. We agree to freely explain how we used money at a particular location, aware that without this information we appear untrustworthy.

We accept that there are no secrets between other travelers. We know that secrets are a sign of dangerous companions, who are not to be trusted.

We will respect other travelers no matter how long they have traveled, whether one day or 10 years; we are all equal and deserve respect, knowing that the rules of travel are never immutable. We accept that actual knowledge of a city, country or culture is of more value than long-term travel experience to one who has not yet visited the travel destination. People who have visited a location are acknowledged to know more than the ones who have not.

We openly start opinions with “I have visited that location” or “I have never been there,” never pretending to actual knowledge of a travel destination until I have been there. I know that misinformation is expensive and could be dangerous to my fellow travelers.

We will never talk or write about a travel destination as if weI have gone to the place when I have not; we do not pretend to be knowledgeable about locations we have not personally visited. And we are fully aware that information from anecdotes, books, movies, websites and documentaries does not replace real travel experience. We are aware that opinions derived in this manner cost my fellow travelers money and endangers them.

We will leave outside concerns and business deals outside. Resisting this temptation creates trust between all travelers for personal gain, or profit.

Talk Wall for Members of

Added July 17, 2016 NAME CALLING, LABELS
I will not call people names, there is zero tolerance of abuse, we will be weighed on our intentions.

Added July 18, 2016
People receive stars for starting down a new path, starting a new discussion, and open the doors. The person that starts a comment is the leader, a person that follows up with a comment should have respect for the person, it is not acceptable to harass, belittle, denigrate, or call names. To continually make replies, and never start a new topic is observed by savvy travelers.

Asking people on the "Talk Wall" to private message you, so you can give them links is what a "weaving spider does." Links can be very dangerous to members, so best to put on the "Talk Wall," so others can say, good or bad, and stand the test of time.

No commission links are allowed on "Talk Wall," or by private messages.

Added July 23, 2016 REDIRECT LINKS
Links that redirect are not permitted under any conditions, never.

– First written May 13, 2013

Thank you,
Andy Lee Graham founder of


"We do not allow anonymous comments on the Hobo Travel Community."

Respect, honesty and transparency, let us talk to each other as if we are sharing Thanksgiving dinner together.

Do not talk to strangers! We are in the process of becoming friends.

This online community allows members to meet, talk, discuss, ask questions then arrange to meet in real life. We take this serious, and want members to meet safely, with confidence. These community guidelines are for your protection.

  • There is a grace period of 10 comments, before we require members to get verified.
  • We require members to use real names, their Hobo name is for fun.
  • Broken Windows. Where a comment is provoking, and other members start throwing at the same window, and it escalates. This comment will be deleted, and can lead members being deleted. Jumping on a broken window will get members banned.
  • Verification Process
  • Profile Photos should show a respectful likeness of the person.
  • Locations
  • Private Messages. No copy and paste messages, no sales.
  • Stars and Negative Stars
  • Membership Reviews of other Members
  • Deletions and Bans, there are instant deletes.
  • Weaving Spiders
  • Discrepancies in identification
  • Post office boxes appear in our records.
  • We will only mail 3 times to same address, before we stop.
  • False information or lies.
  • How to change false information, and change lies to correct information?

Words we frown on usage, please go slow when using them.

New Words

- Sycophants
- Insulting

Older Words

- Attack
- You have no right
- Stupid, dumb, idiot, etc.
- Rant
- Shout you down
- Sexist
- Perversions
- Conspiracy theory
- Racist
- Misogyny
- Nonsense
- Racist
- Pedophile
- Homophobic
- Bitch
- Trump
- Clinton
- Atheist

PLEASE - Write Andy Lee Graham, with words you believe should be added to this list:  Click Here for Contact Form

- A bad comment can grow fast, and go nowhere good.
When a window is already broken, when a human is already broken, people feel the right to throw more stones at the broken window, and break it more. As for humans, we feel compelled to either break the person more. We can only tell how we fixed our own broken window, and that applies. If EVERYONE starts pilling on, we delete the start of the comments. 

Traveler's Creed




This is the "remainderman principle," if we avoid the negatives, what remains is paradise. 

Dale Carnegie


Do Not Be Recklass With Other Peoples Hearts


Critsize in Private


Talk With People We Disagree


Weaving Spiders



Dont talk to Strangers



Martin Luther King



To Insist People Agree


6 Ethics of Life

Hobo Traveler Community Guidelines

The Travelers Creed

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