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Seeks Advice from Long Term Travelers

An experienced travel seeks advice from long term travelers or expats.

Mon, 8 Aug 2011 01:08:23

"The most valuable commodity I know of is information. Wouldn't you agree on that?"
- Gordon Gekko of the 1987 film Wall Street

Seasoned traveler know good advice is valuable, therefore scrutinize the person giving advice before spending thousands of dollars for an airplane ticket. A person that can compare and contrast locations is better than a person who has only visited one destination. Often there is a need to ask people,
"Have you actually been there?"

It is amazing how often advice is given from people who have never actually visited a location, they just repeat what other people have said, or quote the guidebook.

The best advice is firsthand knowledge, this usually comes from people who have traveled long enough in the country to explain in specific terms. For example, good advice is going to tell you prices, names of people, names of specific stores, hotels and other inside information.

It is best to be very way of people who can make money by giving you bad advice, such as tour operators, hotels, or guides.

When a seasoned traveler enters a village, they ask other travelers for recommendation for Hotels, Restaurants, etc, the person who has nothing to gain. A conversation could start by asking the person how long they have been in the city.

Mark Twain, a season traveler seek advice from long term travelers.