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My Belief in a Travelers Code of Conduct Stops Me from Being Secretive on Internet

Real Travelers have a code of conduct, they feel compelled to share information, they know to not is dangerous and not in the spirit of travel.

Real Traveler

I live by a traveler's code of conduct, I feel obligate to tell the truth, it is the only protection for other travelers. I know inside information about place, that to me feels important enough, that is a must, that I must share.

This is contrary to what an Internet page does, they deny readers information that would not support their agenda. On the other hand I am the owner of many web sites, but refuse to hide or keep a secret that would cause a problem because of dishonesty by omission.

The Internet is complete dishonesty by omission, there leave out the whole picture to try to steer you toward their money making project. I refuse to accept this mentality, and truly causes me to lose money. Advertisers do not want the truth, they want support for their agenda.

I am real traveler, one day I will create a way to have people join this real travelers groups.

Andy Lee Graham Feb 21, 2012 14 years, and 90 countries.


I really enjoyed listening to this blog. I found it to be very informative. I have viewed many of your blogs. You are great. You bring information, personality, and the feeling that I am listening to an old friend that I can trust to your videos. I am looking forward to your book being published. Yes there are people listening every day. Also, we all get pissed off on occasion.

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My Belief in a Travelers Code of Conduct Stops Me from Being Secretive on Internet. title=