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I Live The Gulliver's Travel Paradox, the More I Travel the Less People Believe What I Say

Real Travelers may relate to this, I am not sure, but we do drift away and take a separate path, the more we travel the less we fit in at home.

Mon, 21 Nov 2011 05:31:37

Gulliver's Travels

Paradoxically, the more I travel, the less people trust me. I find my friends looking at me as if I am a rambling idiot, yet I continue talking because I know what I am saying is correct. The more I talk, the less they believe, I find myself leaving out the truly enlightening information about a country because they will treat me like I am crazy --- then they begin to tell me the "Real Truth" about the country I visited, and they only read about, which furthers the paradox as they become the expert, and I am in their opinion uninformed.

Ted Danson 1996 Version of Gulliver's Travels
Yesterday, I watch the Ted Danson 1996 version of Gulliver's Travel on my computer. There are about four versions at least of this book by Johnathon Swift most seem to celebrate the fantasy, whimsical side of the book. While the one I watched yesterday is often serious, and in a way sad, a satire and statement about the human condition.

In the version I watched, Gulliver became so disillusioned by his own culture that he did not even one to be touched by his family or another human. There is a weak feeling one gets when you feel surrounded by people who have closed their brains so far their is no hope.

This was painful for me to watch, as I feel I am drifting further away from America each year I travel, after 13-14 years, I am mentally only half from the USA and truly not from any other country, just a combination off all of them. I am proud to be from the USA, but realize it is insulated from reality, as are all countries, only by living outside the USA longer than four years can you look back with a glimmer of understanding of the real world.

And like Gulliver in the movie, I become frustrated, angry, and almost belligerent when people refuse to even entertain the that my opinions could be correct. i do not mind them disagreeing, but it impossible for me to tolerate a person who does not even believe it possible certain opinions are plausible.

I had a discussion the other day about writing as an expert, or even as a famous person. For example, it is not proper for a people to contradict or challenge a University Professor in regards to his or her study of concentration. An expert or someone who has taken the time to study to level of higher learning should have their opinions allowed.

I often want to pull away from the Internet, to stop writing here because every Tom, Dick and Harry feels they have the right to opinion. In many ways this is a corruption of the American "Freedom of Speech." Which never said,
"You must listen."

I know I am drifting farther into my mind, explaining my thoughts less to people and unwilling to debate, what is the point.

Gulliver in the movie explained the truth and was mocked by his fellow man, it was contempt without consideration.

I Live The Gulliver's Travel Paradox, the More I Travel the Less People Believe What I Say