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Ask About New Travel Hangouts

Experienced traveler can be identified, they are the ones asking where the new travel hangout are located.

Fri, 5 Aug 2011 14:00:22

There is an evolution that occurs to travel destinations. There are the tourists attractions such as the Statue of Liberty in the USA. However, there are also the traveler hangouts, hippie hangouts, expat colonies, and these change. Generally a good hangout is pioneered by the first adopter, generally young backpacker, then the hangout grows, eventually the older families and tourist take over the location.

These location generally are located at a naturally good place, maybe it is an excellent beach, maybe it is a crossroads with a large river. There are natural reasons for people to go live there.

As these hangouts become more populated by foreigners, the price inflate and slowly they become overpriced. The tourists that enter for 2-5 day are not concerned with the prices.

This is why you hear a traveler say,
"Do you know of any new great hangouts?"

Sometimes we want to keep them secret, like the movie "The Beach" seasoned travelers are reluctant to tell others, and for sure we know, do not make a map. In the end, the longer the person travels, they know it is impossible to keep a good place to live secret.

Ask About New Travel Hangouts before the are Owned by Tourist