Real Estate Abroad Bubbles Bursting in Thailand

Watch this video explaining why Real Estate Bubbles burst, and that buyers are trendy, and values are not tied to family or jobs.

In the USA Real Estate values are tied to Jobs and family, people want to live close. However, land value for Real Estate abroad is tied to trends or fashions. This creates a Real Estate Abroad bubble that will burst, it is almost inevitable.

Watch the video, and read the article today on explaining how the Phuket Real Estate abroad bubble is bursting.

Retired people will lose their life savings at a time when they can least afford to suffer a lost of money. Phuket Real Estate

Real Estate Abroad

Thank you,
Andy Lee Graham


If the real estate values are a "bubble" here on Boracay Island we're being rewarded in the last 9 months having sold 12 out of 15 hill top lots. But I think when real estate is paid for in cash without bank loans or mortgages the "bubble" description or analysis doesn't apply as much. During the last 2 months we have bought two more Manila properties, one 4 bedroom townhouse unit and one studio condo unit for such "deals" we couldn't refuse. Last year as well, here on Boracay we bought two more properties. If investors followed common sense like the old fashioned wisdom of America's founders, "never a borrower nor a lender be" they can prosper beyond their wildest dreams.

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