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Reading Sherlock Holmes A Vacation From The Internet

It is time to read more books, the Internet has become too big of influence in my life. Thank you, Andy Lee Graham

Fri, 29 Mar 2019 23:49:55

Sherlock Holmes

I am in Kpalime, Togo West Africa, it is March 30, 2019, and life is good. Nonetheless, with growing anxiety, I am worried about my physical, and mental health. Generally, in the first 16 years of world travel, I read books, and sparingly used the Internet. However, for the last five years the Internet has become a dominating force, more or less “Garbage in, garbage out.” The Internet influences me, and there appears to be no easy way to control the flow of information into my brain. Therefore, it is garbage in, and garbage out.

Our brains are constructed from the information that enters, we are influenced by everything. We must be ruthless, we can only allow properly vetted information to enter out minds. How to vet the information entering our brains is the challenge. The Internet may be the worst medium, while books can be the best.

The Internet is the worlds largest library, everything is possible, all the information of the world is now available. And, what do people do? They sit around posting pictures of themselves. Now, this is a benefit, I can ask a person to show me pictures, and if they show me pictures of themselves, I know they only think about people, talk about people, and only one person is important, themselves.

Eleanor Roosevelt outlined the goals of self-education, we are to think about ideas. Please, go slow here, I do not want people to read textbooks full of facts, self-education needs to be fun.

How are you harvesting ideas?

Please do not allow CNN to destroy your brain, find a book to read.

Your friend, Andy Lee Graham
Auberge Mandela
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
March 30, 2019


is Sherlock Holmes a good influence?