Why The Djampe Travelers Scrub Net Is Small

This is luggage as it appeared in 1855, this Louis Vuitton trunk was gigantic, modern airplane luggage is 10-50 times smaller, and so is travel gear.

This was travelers luggge in 1854, when the most comfortable form of transportation was steamer ships, or trains.

Louis Vuitton

Luggage in 2014

Louis Vuitton Luggage

This little bag is all we get in 2014, everything is less.

In 1854 world travel was available to only to the rich:

"Eighteen percent of households in the U.S. had at least one full-time servant or domestic help."
- rense.com  

World travel is now available to the masses, however only 1 in a million has enough money to live in Five Star Hotels 365 days per year.

5 star shower

The travel industry want you to mortgage your home, and live in a 5 Star Hotel with a shower and bathroom like this, we all want this, it is normal.

World Shower

This is what the normal shower looks like in 80-90 percent of Hotels on the planet, this is a shower in Hong Kong.

what we want

World Travel can be romanticized, glamorized, as if we have all the money in the world to spend. However, the savvy, wise, and experienced traveler knows that what we need is travel gear that is small, simple, and capable of multiple tasks. We buy travel gear that has many uses, not just one.


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Thank you, this helps fund my travelers.

Andy Lee Graham in Natitingou, Benin, West Africa January 2014

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