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The 3 Types of People: Jealous Envious and Arrogant

Are you the envious, the jealous or the arrogant?

When talking about my world travels, I meet three type of people, the jealous, the envious and arrogant.

I was talking with my friend Stephen, he has lived in Thailand, Switzerland, Singapore and China. Then after living abroad for a few years, he came to Boston and work a couple of years. He said to me on our Skype connection,
"When you tell them about your travels, people will be jealous, envious or arrogant."

Jealous: why you and not me?

Envy: they want to join.

Arrogant: closed minded, stubborn, showing an offensive attitude of superiority.


(I had trouble finding an image that illustrated arrogance...)

I want to champion my friend Stephen, this was incredibly insightful, wise, it made my day to hear him explain this to me.

A few people say to me,
"Wow, you have visited 90 countries, I am sure people ask you about your trips."

My answer is,
"No, they do not want to hear, and if they do, they want to tell me what I saw."

I seldom talk about anything I have seen here in the USA, it is just a good way to have someone try infer I am stupid, and they are smart.

I normally try to keep my stories to myself, it is a no win situation, especially in a group of people. However, the envious, the 1 in 100 is great.

"Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things."
- Philippians 4:8

Hehe not Me, I am just curious, so if You are ever in the south suburbs of chicageo on Your trip stop by and visit Me.


Whereas it is good to be envious of another man's knowledge for the purpose of also learning, arrogance is a block. The polar opposite of arrogance is humility - that to receive new knowledge, one must have humility. A closed vessel can receive no water.


Brene Brown: The power of vulnerability

Phil J

Hi Andy. Good luck on your tour around the US. I do not talk a lot about my travels. Most people would think I am lying or bragging. And they all try to tell me about the places I travel to.
I think I have a bit of an esoteric life style and some people do not understand why people travel. So I just travel and meet people and relax and enjoy life. Last month I was in Australia, Tahiti, Bora Bora, Raietea, Moorea, and Hawaii. I just smile and enjoy the beautiful memories. In May I will cruise to Alaska on a Celebrity Cruise Liner and then fly to Luzon for tours of the entire archipelago.
Should I post some pictures on Hobo Traveler?
I find that it is hard for me to hold a conversation with people who do not travel. I try but they too often are not interested in talking. So I just pack my bags and my camera and go.
I will stay in touch as I travel and give you updates on Baguio, Manila, Subic and the other islands.
I look forward to reading your posts. The touch lights from Staples are great. Really the bees knees. The perfect solution to my lighting needs. Thanks for the hint.

Phil J

Hi, Happy Hobo for your comments. If you would like, I would love to email some pictures of some of my travels. Please feel free to email me and ask any questions you would like. I am retired from the US Navy and I guess I just never lost my love of travel and seeing new lands cultures.

Phil J

I meant thanks for your kind comments, Happy Hobo. For me travel is definitely an education. I learn from every trip I take. I think I will be learning something new the day I pass on. And I really learn from the people I meet. I counted the countries I have lived or worked in and I think it is 16. I look forward to seeing many more.


I think everyone has a story to tell. You have to be involved with and intersted in others to into enter into a conversation. I would love to learn about your travels and you can learn about my roots. You guys are not the only ones that have adventures and have a story to share. I'm just sayin. Don't people go to travelogues to learn about other cultures? People pay to learn. You have things to teach and conjure up interest. Isn't that your gift? Don't waste it by keeping it to yourself. But you have to be a good listener as well. That is a gift of be involved with the human race. We all need to share.


I agree, I listen a lot, and try to not talk about myself. There is an interesting twist to writing, then I do write about what I am doing, but that is different than one on one conversations. Writing is one way, in a way.

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