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If the World was One Percent More Rationale World Peace would Become Normal

Let us assume that humans are 99 percent emotional, and 1 percent rationale, then a one percent increase is a 100 percent gain.

Mon, 14 Nov 2011 02:34:41

A man from Germany asked yesterday,
"What percentage of decisions are emotional, and what percentage rationale?"
I instantly replied,
"99 percent emotional."

The self-esteem of all men is dependent on holding the belief as an individual we make logical and good decisions while surrounded by people making bad ones. Otherwise we would just follow the leaders...

In a nutshell, we say to ourselves,
"I make good decisions, but the rest of you are having problems."
It is interesting to hear people say,
"The George Bush the President is an idiot."
--- Logically impossible to become who he became, and be an idiot.

Why and what motivates people to make decisions?

I speak rather fluently French and Spanish, and know a little of many language, and the champion word to learn is.

"I want."
or to say,
"I do not want."

The other verbs are mostly extras.

Categorize and Take Notes on Conversations

“Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people.”
-Eleanor Roosevelt

Ego Defence Mechanisms

People will deny, get angry, do about anything to keep from losing face.

"In Freudian psychoanalytic theory, defence mechanisms (or defense mechanisms) are unconscious psychological strategies to cope with reality and to maintain self-image."

How to stop arguing?

Have you ever been in an argument where you screamed at a person? Have you been in an argument where another person is screaming at you?

As a world traveler, I am constantly in situations where a person wants me to listen, they want to sell me something. I say no, but then do not take no as an answer and continue to talk.

I am 100 percent able to stop them, it is logically simple to do because I refuse to reply, or even utter one word. Why, because I bought into a statement and believe 100 percent what a friend told me.
"You cannot argue with a person who refuses to argue."

Emotional people continue to talk; try to get your friends to reply, 99 percent of them will go on and on, they are easy, they just do not pull out of the game. I can hook about anyone into talking gibberish or listening to anal and nonsensical conversations.

The other day my friend wanted me to talk about the Cacao Bean, the Chocolate Bean Spirits, and I do not believe in this sort of thing, and I thought to myself,
"Andy, sit here and say nothing, do not make a peep."

Being the girl was talking gibberish, she did not even wait for me to answer, she was so preoccupied with listening to herself, she did notice I did not reply.

What is the percentage, is it 99 percent emotional?

I know the vast majority of people who read that percentage, started an emotional and mental trip into an argument with me, the writer.
Your self talk started an emotional diaglog, not even trying to finish reading because of an emotional desire to agree or disagree, there was talk in your mind:

"You are not correct, people are logical."
"I disagree, it is 80 percent."

That alone proves my point, almost all decisions are emotional, it is logically impossible to evaluate and quantify all the variables, real, unreal, emotional, subconscious, lies, and beliefs that came into interplay to make one decisions.

Only the simplest of decisions can be declared logical.
"Is the sun going to rise today?"

Facebook dumbing down a generation:
Facebook, a phenomenon whereby a billion people are wanting to show and share their face with others, and it appear to me logical to say, a billion people want to celebrate and champion:

"Small minds discuss people.”

Do you agree with the assumption that people are 1 percent logical?

If so, then if we could somehow induce humanity to make 2 percent of decisions based on common sense, and good sound logic, all war would end, it would be an almost mathematical certainty.

If the World was One Percent More Rationale World Peace would Become Normal

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