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Henry David cxplained to Simplify My Life But I Am Surrounded by Temptations How Do I Say No - Psychology

Henry David Thoreau, one of my appointed mentors told me to simplify my life, however, I am surrounded by temptations, how do I avoid them?

Sun, 29 Jan 2012 02:44:55

Henry David Thereau a Mentor of Andy Graham or HoboTraveler.com

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Wow, that guy tried his best to look strange, what is up with that beard?

Ok, that is a photo of Henry David Thoreau, he wrote a book called "Walden," that changed my life. It was an experiment where he went to the woods and lived by only working five weeks a year.

I think he was hightighting the fact, that work is something we do because we want too, not because we need to, and if you separate your wants from your needs, you can almost stop working.

Bill the man living downstairs here in Sosua, Dominican Republic where I am presently hanging out, started to tell me about a man from the DR who is working in New York City, and is making a lot of money. He was talking in a manner that said, I should have respect for this guy, --- "Earning a lot of money."

I stopped him,
"Bill, people living in New York City, making a lot of money, lose my respect, I have zero respect for anyone who is addicted to making money."

"I respect you, you are able to sit around doing nothing all day here in Sosua, and can enjoy life."

I think it takes more self-esteem and confidence, skill in todays society to man up and not play the game, then to get a job and make money. I told a few college kids, you need to try your best to avoid work, it will be the biggest challenge of your life. You think you need to worry about work, I guarantee you will not be able to avoid the stupidity of work.

Work, work, work, then you get so stressed, you go buy things to relieve the stress, and you need to work more because you medicated.

Save money, put all your money in the bank, and do not spend it, be a miser, be so cheap it squeaks, and you will be different, and every dollar you save is one day closer to freedom.

What is 10 USD dollars to Andy Lee Graham, from Indiana, a person who has traveled to 90 countries?

It is one day I do not need to work, for the small fee of 10 USD, I can live abroad, rent a room for 5, eat on 5 and enjoy life. 10 USD is the cost of freedom.

Did you know, that THREE billion people on the planet earn less that three dollars per day, and they live... and you are not smart enough to live on 10...?

Henry David Thoreau wanted me to simplify my life, and I have, but there are plenty of temptations to become part of the big group of lemmings, the cattle that surround me, that want me to participate in their noise. I was told by Billy, a.k.a. Terry who does not want his family to know he is here in Sosua to buy breakfast for 200 Pesos. That is six USD for just breakfast, that is 6 x 30 days, that is a 180 USD dollar to pay someone to cook for me.

Well, I can eat breakfast for 1 USD and save 150 per month, I truly do not need breakfast, plus all he is showing, is the path to endless fat-dom, the kingdom of fat for the people who are stressed, cattle, who need to consume, they need to graze in the path of the herd mentality.

The secret to a simple life is to learn to always say "No." just say no until it become easy, until you are strong enough to say no.

No is hard to say, everyone wants me to go along, agree, to think they are smart and validate or authenticate their decisions. How does one become confident the herd is wrong --- I am not sure, there is some need to think about outside the box, and I will say it again, throw away the box, do not think outside the box, you go to to dump the box completely, and have faith that you will be ok.

99.99 percent of your "Needs" in life are really just greedy wants, they are not needs. HD told me this, he proved it to me, but the addiction to work, the need to prove that I can buy a car is rampant in the world.

Do you have the self-esteem to live a life without a car?

Can you live without proving to eveyone you have a house?

There is nothing so binding on the soul, then to purchase house, there is nothing that guarantees you will be a nothing in the world, then to give your mind, soul, energy and money to a house.

The whole world economy is sucking wind because of the Housing and Real Estate market and they are all waiting for the jailer to return.

Simplify, do nothing, say no more than yes, and grant yourself the freedom you deserve to think a clear thought today.

Saving money is a good thing, it is what separates a great mind, from a weak mind, the ablity to save for the future to buy freedom. Earn a pile of cash in a first world country, and leverage it to freedom by spending in a cheap country like the DR.

Life is good, but my mother is worried, I am getting edgy. Well, I will go to Montellano to live, outside of Sosua on Wednesday, and get away from these men who talk daily about how to buy women, complete with photos.

Ana says, "The provoke you morally." I have to admit, I can listen, try to keep my mouth shut, but they remind me of trailer trash, slam the door, scream at the wife, drink a beer and watch baseball types. It is tacky, and not me, a man sold some condom at the table the other day, it was like a drug deal in the open, wow, what a way to think, over the edge some days, but highly entertaiing.

I am going to put a video here, I put it on MySosua.com, but Andrew the coder has not put this stuff in the general reading yet.


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Thank, Andy Lee Graham

Henry David Thoreau told me to simplify my life, but somehow it is not as simple as going the woods and hiding.

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