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Fluorescent Lighting, EMF, Smartphones Makes World Go Crazy - Psychology

I am not joking, your stress is caused by Fluorescent Lighting, EMF, Electrical Magnetic Field, Microwaves, Computers, and Smartphone, your are living in a glow of electricity.

Mon, 29 Oct 2018 01:51:10


October 29, 2018, I walk downstairs, entered the kitchen of my mothers house. This room has always been one of the most enjoyable room of my life. This house is where my grandfather, and grandmother Fleck lived, where grandpa explained how to work on cars. Where grandma Fleck cooked me cookies, where we sat to learn about life. 

After my grandmother Fleck died, my mother, Sharry, and father Jerry Graham moved into the house, it is now second generation family.

I walked into the kitchen.

I hate the feeling, I take down the cover of the lights, and discover 5 florescent light bulbs, and one LED...

Aagh, I am in emotional pain.

Florescent Lights

I Live in the 3rd World Countries

I have lived abroad for 20 plus years, mostly in countries in South America,  Africa, Southeast Asia.  Nonetheless, I live in Hotel rooms, and 99 percent of the time, I have zero florescent lighting. I carry my own lighting, and shut off the insane feeling of florescent lights.

Now, here I am, in my mothers home, and trying to figure out why I hate one of the most loved rooms of my life?

Florescent Light Crazy

That is electricity, they are shocking the heart to start...



The body is electric ran.

Floresecent lights

Pacemakers are electricity.

Our body runs on electricity.

Our nerves are electrical chemical synapses.

Our body is electric.

Easy Logic -- We Americans Are Being Fried

Not me, I refuse to use florescent lighting, it make me feel weird, I had the feeling of being in florescent lighting. I don't care, I make way too much money to abide with this type of lighting, it make me feel bad.

Are you aware?

Have you ever went one day without EMF, Microwaves, Florescent Lighting, Overhead Electrical Lines, House Electrical Lines, Smartphones, Computers, we are surrounded.

Everyone does it, so it must be ok

Well, I am not sure the cattle in the pen, know they are in the pen, and yes, humans are like cattle, we just go along with all the other cattle, we are brainwashed, we do it to ourselves.

Are you rich enough to go off florescent lighting, to put the phone in the other room, to not use a microwave, to live in the countryside?

I am, and I am a Hobo... LOL

Life is good, and I am sure you all think I am a nut, but just maybe I am right.

Read this article from Psychology Today, and I am sure I can find 50 more references. Bottom line, our bodies are electric, and we cannot tolerate this much electricity. 

Read this:

Go walk in the sun, and ask yourself.
"How do I feel?"

Go walk barefoot in the grass, and ask yourself,
"How do I feel?"

I have been living for 20 years abroad, in countries that barely have electricity, and walking in the sun because I have no car. Living in hotel room, and when I leave the room in the tropics, I go outside, and walk in the sun, I know the light of day, and the natural world. I don't eat organic because car fumes, and electricity are 100 times worst.

I do believe the world is slowly going crazy, our nervous systems cannot deal with this. And to think Tesla will put us in an electric car, I bet he know this stuff is toxic.

Thanks, I hope you leave the house today, and go for a walk, and realize most of this organic stuff is window dressing, to make food cost more.

I do not believe in sudden climate change, think they don't get the math of time. I do believe in solar energy, and believe in the next 10 years it will dominate, and all the climate change noise will end.

Yet, can we deal with this much electrical current in waves around our body? An to think, we have WIFI for the computer you are reading, or the smartphone you are playing with...

Life is good, before we all go crazy, except for me, I won't.

Your friend,

Andy Lee Graham, Orland, Indiana, 2nd Floor Bedroom, Mom Graham, and soon to Guatemala to live in an 80 dollars per month room, as the USA goes insane.



Electricity for heart.
This is electricity, this is a pacemaker.
fluorescent lighting makes world go crazy

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