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European Hostels Are Intimidating Making Me Feel Stupid And Ugly

European Hostels are Intimidating, they are full of polyglots, super achievers, and trying their best to make us look stupid.

Fri, 13 Jul 2018 23:27:54

European Hostel

European Hostels are Intimidating, Making Me Feel Stupid, and Ugly

“It's so thrilling to be intimidated.”
-Tina Brown

European Hostels are full youthful Backpackers, between the ages of 20, and 30, often speaking 2-3 languages, and not apologizing for being rich kids, from super successful families. There is nothing worse than having a 23 year old woman, gorgeous, happy, speaking fluent English to me, and she says,
“I am from Norway.”
“I am from Sweden.”
“I am from Russia.”

Gee, you are trying to make me feel stupid, poor, and ugly.

And to think, I am American, and I don’t speak any languages, I am older, she is younger. She can leave the Hostel, and walk 10-20 miles looking at every tourist attraction, then return to the Hostel night, then go drinking.

World Tour on Bikes
It is truly annoying to meet bicycle riders, there is this young Japanese man in the Hostel, is name is Takisha, and he speaks great English, he told me yesterday he wrote his bike from Japan, across China, to the Ukraine. Then to think, most Americans don’t even know where the Ukraine is located?

I can see why many older people rent big houses, big apartments on AirBnB, and stay in Hotels costing 50-100, maybe 200 dollars per night, that is paying to be OK. These young polyglots often pay less than 10 Euros, an amount of money, and Euros confuses Americans, and then they go out, spend 30-40 dollars every night drinking beer at 5 dollar per beer.

Yes, this is intimidating, but I lie, this is where I want to be, I want to be a better version of Andy Lee Graham, I want to have people make me feel stupid, until I learn Spanish,learn French, learn Russian. I know the only way to become a better person is to hang around with people who make me feel stupid, and ugly.

Ooops, I like, I have already learned Spanish in Central, and South America, and lived in Barcelona, Spain for a month. Ooops, I lied, I have already learned French traveling in countries like Niger, Cote d’Ivoire, Benin, or Rwanda in Africa, And I did live a month in Tours, France it was a grand experience, part of the Grand Tour of life.

The Grand Tour
Kings, and Queens, used to send their children on the Grand Tour, now they send their children to Hostels in Europe.

The New York Times in 2008 described the Grand Tour in this way:

“Three hundred years ago, wealthy young Englishmen began taking a post-Oxbridge trek through France and Italy in search of art, culture and the roots of Western civilization. With nearly unlimited funds, aristocratic connections and months (or years) to roam, they commissioned paintings, perfected their language skills and mingled with the upper crust of the Continent.”
Quote from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grand_Tour

Poverty Defined:
Poverty is intimidation, to not fit in, to feel inadequate, to not feel we have the opportunities of the rich. Whenever I hear a person raising their voice in an intimidating way, I sometimes think,
“Why do they feel less than others?”

Queen - We Will Rock You

Walk quietly, be of sound mind, calm, bold, and keep learning, nothing opens a door quicker than speaking intelligently, in being confident, in being healthy, capable of the “Grand Tour,” of life. I am no longer a poor boy from Indiana, I am a global citizen, extremely rich, unfortunately, quite by accident, making others feel intimidated.

Andy Lee Graham
I will learn Russian today, and tomorrow, and another day until I can talk with the people of the world in their language.

Where can I go, speak with a man who is riding is bike around the world, and talk to Norwegian girls in English?

A Hostel.

Thank you,
Your new friend, and I believe there is 253 counties on the planet, and I am not even halfway there, I have a 142 more to visit.
Kyiv, Ukraine, sometimes Kiev.
Sun City 2 Hostel
Tuesday, July 14, 2018

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