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Children Should be Seen and Not Heard

This to me is an obvious universal truth, a concept that I would expect all adults to agree with, and children to have trouble understanding.

Seen and Not Heard

The world is a noisy place, the amount of noise pollution is growing unabated, all of the adults have gone into hiding. I have no choice, I cannot change the world, I spend my whole day searching for a way to avoid a world full of children.

Saying, "children should be seen and not heard," is good way to make children angry, because children do not believe they are childish, and more or less incapable of making good decisions. Then on the other hand, we Americans, not the rest of the world, but people from the USA have some warped interpretation of "Freedom of Speech." Instead of being reasonable, the American concept is that all Americans have this absolute right to say what they think, in the end, they believe that all people around them must grant them the right to be heard.

"Children Should be Seen and Not Heard."
This seem simple, nobody on earth has the right to disturb another person. Any adult opinion spoken by an adult needs to be prioritized to of more value than a child, otherwise you are saying all adults are the same as children.

Therefore it is always the right of the adult to tell a child to how to behave, because the child is still in the learning process, and has not finished their studies, it is the duty of an adult to train them.

In essence to say to the child, you are making noise that is disturbing my peace, and you need to remove yourself from my presence is the duty of an adult.

Now a child, that has never became an adult, even at age 50 would not enjoy being told to leave. There are 50 year old children, who have never make the transition to adulthood and wish to defend their right to be child.

Funny to me, I have no alternative, I must come to the conclusion, it is obvious we have a whole generation of adult children incapable of making the transition to adult behavior. And for sure, they cannot pass judgment on the children around them.

An adult will accept that there are times when they need to obey, while a child does not understand yet the concept and "Freedom of Speech: is not an absolute right.

There is a growing trend in the world, everyone is talking, to be heard, but in reality nobody is listening.





As News Broadcaster Edward R. Murrow quipped just before real bullets began to fly, "All communication has broken down in Europe."

Encyclopaedia Britannica Chairman Mortimer Adler wrote, "How To Speak and How To Listen." Adler's book is a good read for those interested in communication. We live in an era in which the obfuscation of the meaning of words - obfuscation meaning to muddle or confuse with an intention to mislead and deceive. Further, the use of the spoken word has been coarsened and become emotion laden and reactionary - mainlined quack media leading the charge.

The sender and the receiver are hearing and visualizing entirely different things - images and forms made contradictions to their substance. The nefarious and occultic dimensions of the advertizing industry have taken their toll on truth and the human mind, wherein under normal circumstances, substance IS commensurate with form. The ancient Tower of Babaylon, metaphorically is just as much a confusion of meaning as it was a confusion and wide dispersion of spoken languages.

As Morrow's words describe, adversity increases with a breakdown in communication, of which honesty and truth are essential components.

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