American Children Garbage In and Garbage Out

Leave the country for a year or two, then return, the USA is becoming weaker, everyone is medicating for anything.

Garbage In

Ever since I was a little kid I have heard people say,
"I do not let my children watch TV."

I have been watching the television commercials here in the USA, it is garbage in and garbage out, if you listened to the medical reports, you would become paranoid.

I have been watching old movies for the last month or so, there are real situations and real love. While, if I watch a new movie, it normal the person can fly, read mind, paranormal stuff. I am positive the Internet is full of lies...

It is not surprising the world is becoming a poof.

I want children to grow up strong, and ignore all the problems of life, I am not sure that is possible, I worry for my nieces and nephews, and their children.


Great a success story, and we need the "credible ambassadors of their country while abroad." Thank you for doing the good job.


I recommend obtaining a copy of "Four Reasons For The Elimination Of Television," by Jerry Mander. Our daughter has been raised without television, and today she is a varacious reader and in chapter five of authoring her first book. In comparison with her television raised peers, there is a complete difference in her level of awareness and capacity for DOING things. To DO or not to DO is the question.

In the first place, watching television does nothing to improve your human value. Human value are those things by which you are empowered to affect the world in a positive way, and means by which one may create basic wealth - producing food, clothing, cooking nutritious meals, writing, crafts like pottery, jewlery making etc, and other portable skills like dog grooming, barbering, health promoting skills etc. There is also another book by Mark Bauerlein, indelicately titled "The Dumbest Generation: How the Digital Age Stupefies Young Americans and Jeopardizes Our Future (Or, Don't Trust Anyone Under 30)." Indeed, there is a poverty of practical skills among today's youth.

Whereas in yesteryears, people "living" in the west especially America, got their exercise working and producing something of value, today most people are engaged in more sedentary activities while consuming, also getting their exercise by consumption, i.e., like buying fancy black leotards and paying for health club memberships. This has occured largely due to the Corporatization of the economic terrain, an obscenely large economy of scale and a tyranny of convenience. The TV Dinner serves an apt metaphor.

Whether bad or good, it is in the DOING that neurology is created and new skills or habits hard wired. Intention is also good. Paralyzed from the neck down, with his doctor advising his parents to let him go as he listened and floated above his body, this former acquaintance was literally a head. His father insisted the doctor keep him alive. This was twenty-five years before our meeting. In any case, the short of the story is he went on to live, became an editor of an internationally published magazine and even married and raised three children. With special gear, he even drove a car. So, how did he DO this? All with intention, albeit intense and focused over a long period of time. Paralyzed from his neck down, he focused daily (actually, that's all he had to do) on getting one toe to move. And after six months of intention alone, a toe that was never supposed to move again, moved.