American Children Garbage In and Garbage Out

Leave the country for a year or two, then return, the USA is becoming weaker, everyone is medicating for anything.

Garbage In

Ever since I was a little kid I have heard people say,
"I do not let my children watch TV."

I have been watching the television commercials here in the USA, it is garbage in and garbage out, if you listened to the medical reports, you would become paranoid.

I have been watching old movies for the last month or so, there are real situations and real love. While, if I watch a new movie, it normal the person can fly, read mind, paranormal stuff. I am positive the Internet is full of lies...

It is not surprising the world is becoming a poof.

I want children to grow up strong, and ignore all the problems of life, I am not sure that is possible, I worry for my nieces and nephews, and their children.


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