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All My Crazy Friends from the USA

Psychology, why do I have crazy friends, and why do I have sane friends, and maybe the are all the same.

Tue, 14 Aug 2012 07:51:41


I have three types of friends.

1. Friends who always are having problems,  and I need to either stop being their friend, or let them vent for five minutes, then have fun with them.

2. Friend with no problems, and tons of time to talk.
When I talk for an hour, or two, and we are talking about ideas, hopes, dreams, small problems, and for laughs, and I do not hear any resentments in their voice, I feel good.

3. Friend, however they are too busy to talk.
- I do not call these friends often, I declare this "no joy."
Military Definition: (DOD) In air intercept, a code meaning, "I have been unsuccessful," or, "I have no information."

Crazy Friends

Bottom line, when I am with a friend, or talking on with an American, and we can discuss all the things on the planet, and they enjoy my travel writing, then I am in heaven. I enjoy listening to all their fun problems.

Often I have a few friends who say, where are you? That tells me something about my friend. Normally they care, but they are too busy to really care

I think a good friend is a person you can call up, and they have something new to tell you, and you talk for 1-2 hours.

Andy Lee Graham, a rich man in friends, and grateful.

Hmmm, I have friends, where I must take incredible amounts of care, or they will feel guilty, when I talk about subjects, this is annoying, to try to remember all the subjects that could accidentally set them off.

Anger and Love are great, but too much, and it is time to change the channel.

I am amazed at what people will tell you, with no filter on their brain, if the feel safe.

Andy Lee Graham

All My Crazy Friends from the USA