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25 Years Sober Today Feb 12, 2012 - My Name is Andy Lee Graham and I am an Alcoholic

I stopped drinking alcohol 25 years ago, I have not drank or done drugs for 25 year, I am a grateful recovering alcoholic today.

Andy Lee Graham

Thanks to all the good Gods.

Freedom is saying no, all power over our life resides in the word no.

Andy Lee Graham


On 02/25/87 I quit cigarette smoking. Reading your blog made me realize that this is the 25th anniversary quitting smoking.
Hey congratulations! We all have more power and abilities than we think, you just have to apply it to your life.


Congratulations! Quite an accomplishment. I salute you- your strength, your dedication, your perseverance.


Congratulations, Andy!

Hello from Nadi, Fiji.

Phil J

Hi Andy. Congratulations. That is soooooo nice. You have real true grit. I admire your tenacity in winning the fight. I watched your video from the roof top in the DR.
I loved it. Sorry I cannot join you now. I leave for Los Angeles and on to
Sydney now. Keep up the good work and let me know when the book hits the market. I am on chapter 3 and 4 of Sail to Adventure. My plan is to self publish using Lu Lu in the fall. I want the book to be about ten or twelve chapters.
take care


Congratulations! Amazing what we can do when we put our heart and soul into it. Not an easy task.
Love your site.
Love the videos it brings everything to life.
You keep "learning" interesting.


Hey, Andy, congrats on reaching this milestone!

June 30th, was my last "tobacco" day quite a few years ago. After seven years of smoking heavily, up to two packs (in Canada that was 50 cigarettes)a day, I became a non-smoker again on July 1st, 1977.

One of my better decisions in life, in retrospect. Actually, the smoking cessation program I used took a month, so there were at least 30 "decisions", to smoke or not to smoke, on each of those days.

I had tried to quit for the past seven years, going "cold turkey" each time. I had failed six previous times, before I finally became a non-smoker again.

Anyway, well done!

Page Turner

You saved your life and perhaps another person or person's too. I read someplace that life is a journey. you start down a straight road but as time passes there are bends and forks in the road. When you turn down the wrong bend or fork it is very difficult to get back on the straight road and it changes your life forever. You straightened yours out and it has given you a life to be proud of. Congrat's on 25 years.


Congratulations Andy, I have not drank for some time myself, nor done drugs. Travel has filled the void for me and I love it. Was great to meet you and I'm sure we will meet again my friend. Keep up the great work! Rick.


BTW Andy,

I came across a site with some impressive "user comments" from people who had gotten a lot of relief from chronic pain, perhaps similar to yours.

It is called "Instaflex", so you might want to Google it and have a read in the FAQs and user comments.


Good job, Andy! Proud of you! Bless you!



Comgrats! my day is Feb 18th 2007 but it is one day at a time

Phil J

Congratulations Andy. Good job. Keep up the good work.

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25 Years Sober Today Feb 12, 2012 - My Name is Andy Lee Graham and I am an Alcoholic. title=