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Videos of Scary Stuff: How Big Brother is Tracking Photos and Cell Phones

You think you are smart? You are not that smart --- Big Brother can track you cell phone, photos, Facebook, etc.


I Can't be Bothered - But Could if I Wanted.

Please do not shoot the messenger.

Creepy people can figure out who, where, what, and why about you!

Photos - Who took, where, etc.?
Cell Phone Information?

They are tracking you, I guarantee it.


I had to un-friend my Mother, then finally decided it was too stupid, and too dangerous, and deactivated, but "Big Brother" still has my data!

I want to Scare You Digitally Straight

Andy Graham, CEO / Founder of, and I trying to scare you straight digitally, do not upload photos from cell phones to Internet!

Some creepy people, companies, and Big Web Sites can be bothered to track your every move . They want to know what you are doing 24/7. I am not worried that much about the U.S. Government, normally they are not smart enough, normally too slow, normally behind the eight ball. But, Sites like the big G, and the big Face, and truly creepy people are stalking your ever digital move. The laws are way behind, and their is billions of dollars to be made.

Big companies assume you are never going to be smart enough to understand, what the movie "The Social Network" to get a shocker.

Videos Found when Doing Research
I was doing some research, and wanted to download a program that removes EXIF data from a photo. There is tons of data on each photo, and we remove to make photos so they load faster. We have these rotating photos on the site, and we have a need for speed, this program removes data.

You should use this program to remove data, before you put on on Internet.

This stuff is way difficult to explain, so I want to to search for tutorial videos, but what I found was creepy.

Big Brother is Watching Videos




You cannot buy a service to keep you safe, and getting anonymous e-mails is not going to work.

God needs to make people smarter, the Devil already is.

Webmaster's hate to write about this stuff, we know big brother is reading our words, or typing, etc.

Do not put your dog name, favorite color, date of birth, high school, where you was married, mother's maiden name, etc. on the Internet.

There is always somebody smarter, and creepier than you, in partnership with teh devil

You need to be scared digitally straight today, please.

"The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist. And like that, poof. He's gone."
- Movie - The Usual Suspects

Andy Graham

Did you know? Getty photo has a program to find photos you stole? Two people I know paid over 4000 USD in damages, not your baby sites!


You are preaching to the choir on these "privacy" and "big bro'" issues Andy. So, you usually have a "short answers" to problems, what's yours on this gnarly issue or set of thorny problems?

If you have a website, like you do, you are "on" the radar, clearly, right? I don't have a website yet, so am I in any sense of the expression "under the radar" any more than you are? A website needs to make money (advertising and sales) to be viable and, in your case, support your frugal and interesting lifestyle and "job". However, the big G and the big FB are lining up to line their pockets by exploiting everyone's "privacy" right? It's a "catch 22"! However, I have faith that you, Andy, are coming up with a low-tech and practical solution. Let me know, s'il vous plait, when you have it roughed out. Cheers, Tim


Hey Andy,

I just thought of something that might help your situation with the Big G, Big FB etc. and running an online business that keeps you out of the States, but "needs" the States and the "Big G" to be profitable.

These corporations that are leeching our privacy away and making big money from our data are taking advantage of US corporate laws that have evolved over a hundred and fifty years, so that the corporation itself has almost all the rights of a human being without any of the responsibilities.

A corporation's only raison d'etre legally is to make a profit for its owners/shareholders, it has no "moral" responsibilities, thanks to smart Corporate lawyers and their lobbying in Congress over the years.

If you can't beat'em why don't you join'em?

1. Why don't YOU incorporate (the LLC form might be the best, cheapest, tax-friendly solution)your website/business in super tax friendly Delaware, Nevada or Wyoming), then the Big G will have to treat you and your service as "American"...

Your corporate income is not taxable in these states, as long as you don't "physically do business in those states" I think. If you make too much money from you global business activities (your corporate income, as the sole owner of an LLC in the above states, passes directly to you and you report it on your usual yearly IRS filing as a non-resident)you have other "corporate" options.

In that case, you could use some of the tax avoidance strategies employed by Apple Computer company and other big corporation who shelter their worldwide income from the IRS legally by very simple methods (based on complicated tax law loopholes).

see: Appleā€™s Tax Avoidance: Evil Scheming, Good Business, or Both?

Read more:

You will have the best of both worlds (US corporate laws favorable to the rich and powerful, the 1, but accessible to any American (because of the LLC or Co. or Inc. incorporation laws), and YOU don't have to physically be in the States yourself if you don't want to be there because your LLC or Corporation is domiciled there!

2. Otherwise, you could become a Church or Non-Profit, or NGO (however, IF you find these morally reprehensible, option #1 is best)...

Wasn't if Frank Herbert, when he was a struggling novelist, who said "If you want to get rich, start a religion"? He started Scientology and that "non-profit/religion" profits a lot it seems. There are all kinds of loopholes to protect Freedom of Religion in the USA constitution, I think, and they have loads of $$advantages$$.

Disclaimer: I'm not a lawyer or a doctor so I have no idea what the legal or medical (reduction of stress?) aspects of the above ideas might be. So, readers beware and by reading this, you accept all responsibilities if you pursue or don't pursue any of the above strategies or anything vaguely related to them.


If you want, Andy, I can give you the site of a company which does incorporation setups, in Delaware primarily, and the management there is well-versed in the legal and tax ramifications of incorporation and could advise you clearly after looking at your business setup and history and needs. I have no affiliation with the company or individuals there.

Cheers, Tim


Typo above: " to the rich and powerful, the 1, but" should read " to the rich and powerful, the 1, but"


Typo above: " to the rich and powerful, the 1, but" should read " to the rich and powerful, the 1 percent, but"

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