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Vetting of Hobo Members Privacy Transparency 5 Star System, vetting of members, and privacy statements, explanation on how to win or lose stars.

Tue, 22 Feb 2011 09:11:04

Weaving Spiders Come Not Here

Greeting Hobo Travel Community Members, Founded in 2000 - 18 Years Old.

5 Star Vetting System
The higher the stars, the safer the members advice.

"Weaving spiders come not here"
- Motto of a Social Club of Mark Twain

I am Andy Lee Graham, founder, CEO of, and we strive to remove all communication problems. Members please write Andy Lee Graham, Gadget or non members at: hoboontheroad  AT (Replace AT with correct symbol) USA telephone +1-260-624-4414.

Privacy, respect and protection of our members is highest priority for the Hobo series of websites. Whether just a visitor to a webpage, or a 5 Star members our mission is protection, creating a safe place for travelers exchange ideas.

Members Know The Rules For Stars: We protect your privacy by creating systems, protocols, policies and procedures that are transparent, we explain why we do what we do. We will continually vet writers, editors, readers, members, staff, workers, hosting companies to insure that the information you entrust with our company is secure.


1. 25 dollars vetting of members, whereby we send mail to the person to insure they are real. This gives members 1 Star.

2. Present location on profile disclosed, and update so other travelers can follow you, and know you are experiencing the real world.

3. Proper disclosure of country of passport.

4. Profile photo, with a recognizable face.

5. Number of likes by other members.

6. Inviting other members to join, an expanding community is healthy. is now over 18 years old, started 2000. Click Here

7. Number of followers. (Number not disclosed.) - It shows that other members value your opinion.

8. Location of advice --- people living at travel destinations.

NEGATIVE STARS: banning, or deletion.

1. Profanity

2. Sarcasm

3. Attacking other members.

4. Name calling or labeling.

5. Flaming, trolling.

6. Sales postings.

7. NGO's, Charities, Missionary, Volunteer, Business postings. (Personal verification is required.)

8. Recommendations that are not in best interest of members, normally self-serving in nature.

9. Information lacking in specifics, who, when, where, why, what, how, and how much. (Money Cost)

10. Making comments as if the person is not going to read, or included in the conversation.

Members Do NOT Know Rules For Stars: Rules we do not tell members, so that people do not try to game the site.

White Listed Members:
This is achieved when members comments have been reviewed by Andy Lee Graham personally, and he believes this person.

We monitor words, and word combinations used on the site by members anywhere on the 100 plus sites. We will stop criminal behavior by have the computer filter out, or stop interactive illegal communications by members using the hobo community.

ACCESS TO INFORMATION IN DATABASES - Presently only two people have access to databases, Andy Graham the CEO, and Andrew Suares the chief coder who has worked for 10 years with, and is now a partner. The edit system was devised on the site to allow staff to work on the site, yet not have access to the server, again to compartmentalize information away from general public access.

Your e-mail has never been, and never will be available to any third party.
( That means nobody )

 E-MAIL PRIVACY (Ugly and mis-leading tactics... Examples of we DO NOT DO)
I, Andy Graham the Hobo subscribe to lots of newsletters. I am always trying to limit the number of extra emails in my box. This is especially important, because I am a traveler, and work out of Internet Cafes. Extra emails take up time and can be annoying. I am not a big proponent of the crazy anti-spam attackers. I think hitting the delete button is pretty easy, and some folks out there are going overboard in their McCarthyism or Gestapo Techniques. I think this needs to end. But.... the problem has become more complicated, and LARGE WEBSITES  are now becoming a BIG PROBLEM. The large websites learn ways around the rules and are becoming the biggest spammers of them all. Knowledge is power in a sense, and the misuse of this knowledge and power is misguide and sometimes dangerous. So I am going to explain some ways that unethical sites collect your email, and then send advertisements to you



Making it impossible to unsubscribe because there is not explanation in newsletter on how to unsubscribe.

Easy ways to unsubscribe:
Link at the bottom of ALL newsletters to unsubscribe.

Send you to a page of newsletters. But there is lots and lots of newsletters, and there is no way to remember, or understand which is the newsletter you need desire to leave.

Easy ways to unsubscribe:
Link at the bottom of ALL newsletters to unsubscribe.
All newsletters are treated as separate, not related to or enmeshed in the other.

No NEWS. You subscribed to newsletter to receive new information and help on the theme or subject. You receive a letter with just an advertisement or the announcing a new something, that has nothing to do with the topic or the webpage of that is related to the newsletter, or associated. This is an ADVERTISEMENT.

All newsletters are newsletters with content about the topic

Infer or pretend they are being only benevolent to the public, and / or non-profit. And .org on the end, or portraying themselves as donating money to a good cause.

All newsletters are newsletters with content about the topic.
NOTE: There are ADVERTISEMENTS in our newsletters,
This is NOT a NON-Profit company. We try to earn money to stay viable.

For better service and to prioritize our efforts we do collect information.

Web Pages

Cookies will be collected to help you enter password areas. To make this easier for our visitors, and to facilitate these systems.
Explanation of cookies:

If you places your email address on a message board you have given notice to the world of your email address. There are spiders, and computer programs that collect these emails. The internet is for communication, and the email address is the best form of communication on the internet. Hobo WebPages will do our best to protect and create systems to protect this information but is not responsible for how you use your email.

 We accept no responsibility for the comments, or information posted by visitors on message boards, and forums. We do not warrant or guarantee anything. All users of hobo WebPages must visit links at their own risk. If that is not acceptable to you, we advise you to not visit our pages.

The hobo sites are constantly looking for ways to help or visitors and hobo's of the world. If you have technical knowledge or can help these free pages, you are welcome to contribute.

Life is good!

Andy Lee Graham CEO - Gadget

Google is Tracking You by Your Profile Photos

Google, and maybe Facebook have computer programs that find your profile photos all over the Internet and combine you into one person.

Vetting of Hobo Members Privacy Transparency 5 Star System, vetting of members, and privacy statements, explanation on how to win or lose stars.

Videos of Scary Stuff: How Big Brother is Tracking Photos and Cell Phones

You think you are smart? You are not that smart --- Big Brother can track you cell phone, photos, Facebook, etc.

Privacy Transparency Vetting