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Google is Tracking You by Your Profile Photos

Google, and maybe Facebook have computer programs that find your profile photos all over the Internet and combine you into one person.

Tue, 3 Jul 2012 05:56:50

 I see you

Big Brother is Tracking Your Face Photos

 "The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist."
- Quote from Movie "The Usual Suspects."

The greatest pain you will ever suffer is when you realize the nice, the fun, the what you consider your greatest benefactor, is really your enemy. Your greatest friend is the person you consider rude, obnoxious and difficult, this person is willing to tell you the truth, and the truth shall set you free.



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Did you know?

Google has face recognition programs that can find you on the Internet.

For example, you can have 5 gmail accounts, and they can all be separate, but for some reason you put the same profile photo on all of them. Google's computer program will slowly combine you, and not allow you to have separate identities.

Google knows which country I am in?

Google knows where my computer is located?

Google know is I get on them girl sites...

Google know which words I type into this computer screen.

Facebook is watching every word you say.

It collects all these words, puts them into a database, and know which words you use most. It adds all the words up, and knows exactly who you are, they are stereotyping you to the N'th degree.

Everything you do on the Internet is tracked.

We removed the one Facebook Like Button because it gave Facebook about 15 different types of information, and made our page load very slow.

We have a 24/7 computer running in the USA to try to hide from Google the location of me, Andy Lee Graham the world travel, and Andrew the coder from a country I cannot type into here, because the word is tracked.

I can say, I am from the USA, but to say, I am in another country causes the sites definition problems. I want to be a USA driven site, but the more I write about the world, the more our site is punished by low rank.

Fun stuff, and sort of creepy scary.

We only help you to remember your password, we do not track anything else, but the Google bot is on our sites 24 / 7, because Google is constantly searching for you, and you have given away the farm on Facebook.

Facebook and Google is 100 times smarter than the USA government.

I sometimes try to help Expats who want to hide from the Government, and normally I try to explain, "You are not that important..."

But, some really are that important, and if you are that important, you do not want the government, you need to call in the money, guns, and lawyers.

Fun stuff, but way beyond the average person to understand, unfortunately for me, or our company, we experience incredible amounts of tracking problems because I have been to 90 countries and live for 14 years abroad.

Andy Lee Graham

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