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Travel Allows Idle Minds to Become Crazy

There are "Positive And Negative Aspects of Travel" yet too much time, and people become make some horrible decisions.


This is a live, and let live age, anything goes in our present culture, therefore we can deduce that anything is allowed

"you can do anything, provided you're not caught.

The masses are incapable of learning from history, we are hopeless doomed to repeat failures.

Travel causes crazy

I took the photo above from something I wrote the last time I was in Guatemala, called "Friends Filter Crazy Thoughts." I am again in the insane asylum, and trying to find one sane person.

What is the solution to depression? For me, I go and wash the dishes, maybe clean my room.
- Andy Graham

How do you drive a man crazy? You put him in solitary confinement, because an idle mind will slowly go crazy. Travel is solitary confinement, it is the premeditated desire to leave the group, to go wander about with the mind free to wonder. After 14 years of perpetual travel, I can see that travel is dangerous.

Yes, no need to tell me, I am 100 percent self aware of what I am writing.

"A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?"
- Albert Einstein

I read that God kicked Adam and Eve out of the garden of eden, then said something to the effect; you will be required to work hard labor. In the parable and allegorical method of writing of the bible, you could convince me to conclude. The bible is trying to explains; if people live in paradise, they will become naughty children, they will do what is forbidden. Therefore the best thing for the human that does not appreciate paradise, is to force them to work by the sweat of their brow, to keep them busy, and not allow them to have idle minds.

In conclusion, and idle mind will become crazy, therefore go wash the dishes, I am talking to you!  

"an idle mind is the devil's workshop."

"Idle hands are the devil's workshop"

"Idle hands are the devil's tools."

"Idle brains are the devil's workhouses."
- T. Fuller

"An idle brain is the devil's workshop."
-H. G. Bohn, "Hand-Book of Proverbs," 1855

"If the Devil finds a Man idle, he'll set him at work."
 -J. Kelly, "Scottish Proverbs," 1721

"The devil finds work (or mischief) for idle hands to do."


"Crazy is a state of mind" (me Bill99. I seem to think a majority (maybe all?) crazy people are prone to loneliness which leads to depression and various types of definitive insanity. But that's just me talking.
I do remember quite well that the military continuously keeps their people busy as much as possible. Very little down time as they definitely believe an idle mind is a dangerous thing to have. My god they may actually start to think for themselves.
I write this as convert former Marine.

For me travel has been both a lot of pleasure and education. I learned early on not to be an ugly American and if it were legal I would long ago declared myself a citizen of the world and not any particular typical government. But I am realistic.

Does travel make you crazy? I would say only if you already were or had the tendencies to become so and you would therefore be crazy regardless if you travel or decide to sit in your man cave sucking up beer forever more.

As my alter ego IGOR says, "Support mental health or I will kill you."

Go somewhere and enjoy!!


Idle mind will easily stray to negative ways and do crazy things I tried my best not to be idle so I find things to do when I have free times. In order to be on the positive side. This world would be a better place if idle mind wasn't in it. .


I have only been traveling less than 2 weeks but I am definetly having some crazy thoughts. Like buying a motorcycle and traveling south america which maybe is a really brilliant thought, but i'll run it past my family to see what they think too.


I use to ride bikes and had one for a while when I lived in Germany. Lots of fun when the weather is good can be dangerous when bad. In Germany going over 120/130 mph on the Autobahn is a super thrill but you need to know what you're doing or you die.
I don't give advice any longer as I have learned my lesson over the years that most people could care less and some get nasty at times when given. Especially kids who generally don't even hear you.

WOW! Motorcycling in So America sounds like great fun, but ????
So I now suggest and let it go at that. From Mexico, Central America and most of South America to ride bikes can be extremely dangerous. Bike riding takes a lot of experience to be safe. Also the type and motor size of a bike is important.
On an average they are not the most careful drivers, roads can be good and all at once you hit pot holes, gravel, etc.
Very few riders (if any) go alone on any lengthy rides. There are areas with "road bandidtos" in these countries.
I would do a LOT of detailed homework on line before I would ever go on a bike in So America and I would certainly go with a couple of friends, not alone. But that's me.
I am the adventurous type but I am not crazy.


On the subject.
I don't think travel is a culprit, boredom, depression and stress are the culprits for going crazy. That is for someone who is reasonably normal to begin with as some people do have other medical problems that make them so.
I have experienced my moments of craziness' but eventually always got over them without any harm to anyone but my self.
I know that many of us do ridiculous, crazy things when we are younger and somehow survive, I certainly did my share.

But where travel is concerned I have never gone crazy other than when someone else starts being crazy first and then I do it as a survival technique, exam - bar fight that all you want to do is get out but someone stops you so you go a little crazy (maybe out of necessity you go a whole lot crazy??).

For me travel is enjoyable education, making new friends, learning more about cultures and history and great foods. A few ways to stay sane is to keep moving, go somewhere, have personal hobbies, interests that you can take with you, reading, photos, chess is one of my favorites, etc.

Igor my alter ego stated once when he was thinking in a more sane mood "Support mental health or so help me, I will kill you". LOL!


thanks for the comments, I definetly think you are on to something. Of course I'd have to give you the long list of other things that semi-reasonable people may not do that i've done and so I'm not experienced enough to ride at this point on this adventure but there are people traversing the world and it be a great thing to do at some point.
I like the support mental health saying. Very funny

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