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New York City Overpopulation Is Mentally Dangerous

Psychologist have been aware for years of the danger of overpopulation, while the world is not overpopulated, there is a pandemics of humans moving in an addictive manner towards overpopulated urban areas, New York as an example.

Mon, 25 Feb 2019 06:21:45

New York City
This experiment by the ethologist John B. Calhoun coined the term "behavioral sink" to describe the collapse in behavior which resulted from overcrowding.
I am Andy Lee Graham, a person who has visited 112 countries, and live abroad for 21 plus years. From my observations of the planet, having visited most of the major urban areas on the plant, I am 100 percent sure cities causes mental problems. Generally, like a heroin addict, they justify behaviors that are counterproductive to their survival.
I will not explain, or justify, this is just a notification of sorts for those who are capable of introspection, and research.
The videos is all that is needed.
Thank you,
Andy Lee Graham
This experiment demonstrates the danger of over-population.