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President Obama Needs to Remember He is a Black African

This map shows that President Obama may have forgotten he is black, maybe he needs to remember.

I could care less what color the President of the USA is, but President Obama always seems to suck up to the countries that ignore him the most.

I would request the President of the USA do the most good, for the most amount of people on the planet. I mean, what is the point of being the most powerful man on the planet, and not do something with that power.

Truly the Arab countries have about zero use for a black person, they are just too racist to even give that color the time of day. Asians are about the same, they think black is bad, yes, they are polite, but lets be real.

But, Africa likes Black, it just makes sense, they are Black, and they need a hero.

Obama visited map

The big GRAY are is where President Obama has NOT visited.

Now, I am a white guy who has visited 90 countries, and it there is one thing on the planet that is obvious, the world wants to be white. Even in Africa, the people put on skin whitening cream. It is time this crazy type of thinking takes a rest, and Obama is able to help. Maybe the better way of saying this is, the world does not want to be black, are have anything to do with black, the map above there proves that point.

Obama has another chance, he should, and he could go visit Africa and change the world. He has four more years to change the world.

There is nothing more powerful than believing in oneself.
"Africa needs a pep talk." 

I have visited Africa about six times, and in another few days, I will go to Ivory Coast to see what is happening. A couple of years ago, I went to Kenya, and stayed at Siaya, a village close to where Obama's father was born.

Has Obama visited Kenya? No

If I have an qualms about President Obama, is his lack of wisdom, he wants be second best at everything. He doe not a healthcare system that is A number one, he does something less than what is needed. He goes to countries and talks to people that give him lip service.

Yet, he refuses to go to countries that would make him a hero.

Presidents of the USA need to be Presidential.

President Obama, go to Africa and be Presidential.

Andy Lee Graham Obama

Thank you,
Andy Lee Graham
From Orland, Indiana. USA

Note, Mr President, I would be more than happy to show you around in Ivory Coast, brief you on the correct name; Cote d'Ivoire, and even show you around Togo, and Benin, or Ghana, up to you... I will be there for at least a year, you have plenty of time to show up and be Presidential, or black. 

Time to "Man Up," Mr President.


I some what agree with Andy but I don't think he understands global politics very well. I don't know if it matters all that much but the Prez is also white. That may be a reason he has to avoid some countries.??
The thing is he basically "sucks up" to other countries because they are the ones who are our allies in a violent world. Africa is quite violent most of the time and what would he gain going to any of the countries there, not much in a world of high finance and business.
He would only be a hero to the very oppressed who may think he was going to send in troops and save them.
We have already sent in troops to 2 places where we are not welcomed and losing again (remember Nam).
What he needs to do is take care of the problems we have right here and that is what the voters expect, though I doubt he will get much done.
But then maybe Andy's right and the prez should go to Africa and wave his arms and glad hand a few dictators, rebel and government mass murderers alike and then be hailed a hero by both sides.
Africa in general is a mess politically, economically and morally. If he did go he would only go to a country there that likes us, more or less, so why waste any more time.


I always thought,your "given" Right of Nationality is the country you were born in,unless it was changed later for any reason. (President) Obama was born in Hawaii on 4 August 1961.Therefore he is and always will be a born American citizen. This goes for all people born in the USA. Why is it so important what skin color one inherited? Most white people think they are superior to any other Races. That's why there are so many Racists we have to share our world with, a real pitty isn't it?



Sort of a swarmy way of slipping the old 'birther' comment in, don't ya think?

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I ain't hiding, and either should you. title=
That big gray area is where President Obama has not gone.