Obrador Creates Biggest Free Zone In World To Pay For USA Wall - Politics

Mexico's president decrees tax cuts for U.S. border region, Lopez Obrador said the tax zone will cover a strip of land 15 miles wide along 1,976 miles of the US border.

Mexico Tax Zone

Amazing, Viva Mexico

I am the country of Guatemala, on Lake Atitlan. Yesterday, my good friend Gene said,
"Mexico is having problems with gas, I am delaying my trip into Mexico by bus."

Read about it, but not on mainstream press, Flyer Talk

I listened to Gene, Mexico is full of corrupt Mexican people, by far, one of the most corrupt, and dangerous countries on the planet. But, I will be cynical, what do I know, I have only lived abroad for 20 plus years, and went to 112 countries... I lived inside Mexico for about two years, when I left South, it was like I left the gangland areas of Chicago, and went to rural Indiana, what a country, nothing is genuine, they will steal my gym shoes sitting in front of my Hotel door, what an amazingly institutionalized level of corrupt, from the small person, to the biggest, they are impossible to trust.

I have about zero use for Mexico, it's a country full of Mexican culture.. aagh. And think the leaders of Mexico need taken about back as is normal with the Mexican culture, and shot by firing squad.  Read up, a traditional way of dealing with Presidents of Mexico, leaving off by being executed. LOL

A couple week ago I heard winds of a free trade zone, but nothing clear, the USA press, media has an uncanny way of focusing on the stupid, and leaving the best news off the board.

What is up with ever so corrupt Mexico?
DECEMBER 1, 2018!!!!

I read today, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who took office on December 1, 2018, roughly the same time as President Trump does a full court press for the Wall to be built, it is as if they are working together in unison.

Amazing, then Obrador makes one of the best possible moves to lower illegal immigration to the USA, he make this free zone strip. (See map above.) This makes it possible for a USA business, to cross over, at any border area, and within a 15 mile strip of land, set up a factory, and use the Mexican super cheap labor. The rich inside the USA, want the cheap labor, they don't give a hoot about the country, they will destroy the USA just to make more money.

Read more.

I hope neither President Trump of the USA, or Obrador, President of Mexico are assassinated, they are pissing off the biggest money on the planet, like Google, Facebook, and weapons sales in Syria.

Industrial Military Complex

The scoop is this, he is pulling out of Syria to cut off the money for sales of weapons in Syria, this is a chess move, way to go Trump. hurt them in Syria, and get them to release the money for the Wall, to keep America, America.

I want an American to run toward the Mexican border, the Mexican would shoot us dead in a second, no questions asked. LOL

Read about the Industrial Military Complex.

Thank you President Obrador for paying for the wall.

His free trade, tax zone only works if there is a wall.


Note, the best way to learn about the USA is to leave the USA, and look back in, it is hilarious comedy of corruption, as Mexico becomes more civilized, the USA is going down. To develop, a culture needs the rule of law.

Without the rule of law, like having legal immigration, a country will revert back to an underdeveloped country.

Read More on how the rule of law effect development, by the United Nations, again, another corrupted org. Read here.


"There are two things you never want to understand, how politics works, and how sausage is made."

There is hope for the USA, we do not want to follow along with Europe, it is over for Europe, there culture is "Gone With The Wind."

This may be the USA culture, it may be "Gone With The Wind." Read more...


I now write these Travel Blogs, only for me, not for the readers, they are so busy reading fake news, it is almost hopeless, yet, there is nothing better for a person than to write ideas down, when we write a diary, a journal, we take abstract ideas, and turn them into clarity.

Just say no to the USA news, and stay off that stupid conspiracy theory, a headline that makes you angry is click bait.

Your friend, Andy Lee Graham

Sat, 12 Jan 2019 04:42:31

Mexico's president decrees tax cuts for U.S. border region
Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador on Saturday issued an executive order creating a free zone along the US border as part of a project to win investment, create jobs

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