Opinions and ideas about world Politics from a "World Citizen" point of view, how world travelers could or may interpret world politics.

2012 Ivory Coast After Alassane Gbagbo War

2012 Ivory Coast After Alassane Gbagbo War - Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

A French Black African Called Me an Obaman

I do not like President Obama, but I am glad hs is the President of the USA, it is good for West Africa, maybe bad for me.



American Bureaucracy is in My Face

The world like to make rules, and I enjoy avoiding them, I just say no to American Bureaucracy.

Americans Is Tired Of Tolerating

We have been tolerating crap so long in the USA, that it is normal, when some does not feed us BS, we think they are bad, this is sad.

Bill Maher Video On French Dissing

Bill Maher Video On French Dissing explaining that everything French is not bad, and maybe conservatives use as a way to keep people quiet.

Black Men To Save White Men

I am a white man — the average white American is so stupid, it’s possible the only hope for the USA is black Americans. Here are 3 black Americans names to follow, to make the USA great again.

Cote d'Ivoire Election Of President October 31 2010

Live report from Andy Graham while living in Ivory Coast, a USA citizen. Cote d'Ivoire Election Of President October 31 2010 - Ivory Coast

How Many Presidents Lived Outside the USA for Six Months?

It is reasonable to believe that a President that has lived abroad for longer than 6 months would have a better grasp on global politics.

I'm A Patriot, 10 Ways To Stop Evil In USA

I am tired of hanging my head in shame I want to be proud of the USA. We will do something, We will get involved. Here are 10 ways we, as American citizens, Democrats, or Republicans can lead, and take the US back from evil people.

Man Kills Two Burglars and Sentence to Life in Jail

A story explaining how the bad guys become the good guys, and suddenly there is gun controls.

Nelson Mandela

Mr. Mandela is dead. I have visited Africa 9 times, and suspect my knowledge of Africa is way better than average, yet Nelson Mandela is a tough story.

Nikki Haley Will Be First Woman President Predicted Sept 2018 - Politics

I am predicting that Nikki Haley will be the first female President, she has impressed me on all levels. "Go NIkki" Making this prediction September 27, 2018, while lying in bed in the Khaosan Art Hotel, Khao San Road - Bangkok

Obrador Creates Biggest Free Zone In World To Pay For USA Wall - Politics

Mexico's president decrees tax cuts for U.S. border region, Lopez Obrador said the tax zone will cover a strip of land 15 miles wide along 1,976 miles of the US border.


Opinions and ideas about world Politics from a "World Citizen" point of view, how world travelers could or may interpret world politics.

President Obama Needs to Remember He is a Black African

This map shows that President Obama may have forgotten he is black, maybe he needs to remember.

Russia Ukraine War Will End by March 9, 2022 - Politics

The Military–industrial complex of NATO may want a war with Russia. If not, then I predict this Russian, “Stop jacking with our oil money” war will end, the major fighting stops in 2 weeks.

The 545 Politicians to Blame for the World Economy

Charley Reese's final column for the Orlando Sentinel ... He has been a journalist for 49 years. Wrote April 14, 2011

Why Smart People Ignore People?

There are people capable of ignoring everyone, and everything around them. They amaze me, it takes a lot of emotional vigilance, commitment to ignore the world. How do they get the willpower?

Politics is a process by which groups of people make collective decisions. The term is generally applied to the art or science of running governmental or state affairs. It also refers to behavior within civil governments. However, politics have been observed in other group interactions, including corporate, academic, and religious institutions. It consists of "social relations involving authority or power" and refers to the regulation of public affairs within a political unit, and to the methods and tactics used to formulate and apply policy.

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George W. Bush and Barack Obama

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