How Many Presidents Lived Outside the USA for Six Months?

It is reasonable to believe that a President that has lived abroad for longer than 6 months would have a better grasp on global politics.

Here's my crappy formatted data for what it's worth...

Pres 6mo? --------where/how? ----- duration estimate

obama yes indonesia 4 years
bush2 no
clinton no
bush1 yes war-marianas, philippines 14mo?, sep43-dec44? fuzzy
reagan no
carter poss war-atlantic, pacific, canada unknown
ford yes war-pacific 19mo? jun43-dec44
nixon yes war-pacific 15mo? oct43-jan45
johnson no
kennedy prob uk, europe, ussr, m/e, ireland 1mo, 2.5mo, ?, poss 6mo in 1939
south america? 1941
war-panama, pacific 1943
eisenhower yes military-panama, france, philippines 4 years?, 1 year, +ww2
truman poss war-france unknown
roosevelt2 poss germany, france & ww1-europe? unknown
hoover prob australia, china, uk, france, burma 1897-1914? fuzzy
coolidge no
harding no
wilson no
taft poss philippines unknown
roosevelt1 yes europe, egypt unknown, 1 year 1872-1873
mckinley no
cleveland no
harrison no
arthur no
garfield no
hayes no
grant no war-mexico short term - days
johnson no
lincoln no
buchanan no
pierce poss war-mexico unknown, 1847-1848
fillmore no
taylor poss war-mexico unknown
polk no
tyler no
harrison no
van buren no
jackson no
adams2 yes france, netherlands, russia, europe 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, unknown
monroe no
madison no
jefferson yes france (paris) 5 years 1784-1789
adams yes france, holland, uk 14 mo 1778-1779, unknown, 2 mo
washington poss barbados unknown 1751-?

Thu, 27 Jun 2013 05:42:25

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