Americans Is Tired Of Tolerating

We have been tolerating crap so long in the USA, that it is normal, when some does not feed us BS, we think they are bad, this is sad.

Americans is Tired of Tolerating

I have lived outside the USA for 18 plus years, in 107 countries. Once or twice per year, I stop into the USA to visit Mom Graham, sisters, brother, and tons of nieces and nephews, and all my good friends in the USA. The USA is full of good people, then a few bad apples that just talk too much, and if the normal Americans talk, they shout them down.

A week ago, Donald Trump became the presumptive Republican candidate for President, and the maybe the best word to describe many Americans reaction is,
I can hear the whole world screaming,
“How can he get away with saying what he says?”
And, I can hear the other side thinking,
“Donald Trump is saying what I am thinking,”
I can hear the politicians saying,
“He is uncontrollable; we will go to prison if we do not stop him.”

Hmm, hard to get angry for a person calling politicians and reporters liars. It seems to be a needle in a haystack, to find one that is not a liar, cheat, and continually feeding the American people a pack of well spoken, carefully chosen words of bullshit. So, when Mr. Trump gets up on a stump and say,
“Liars,” we often relax, it is relaxing to me, I am tired of trying to tolerate what people say on TV, the News or even in personal dialogs, I do not want to go along, I want to slap them silly, it causes me rage, to feel long deep seated resentments for making me tolerate listening to their BS. He says words that seem more harmonious with the truth.

He does not say,
“I will bring ISIS to justice,”
Donald Trump says,
“I will kill them.”

Why am I not angry when he calls people liars?
Because this is legitimate, I believe he is correct.

Yet, of course, he just is uncontrollable, nobody has markers on him, nobody can stop him, he is too rich, too big, too crude to stop, and too funny at time. He may well be what everybody wants to be, we want to be uncontrollable by public opinion.

Disgust Reporter

Last night I came downstairs, laid down on the couch, my mother in a recliner, and she takes the remote and turns to CBS new channel. I also had watch with her the last 10-20 minutes of Judge Judy, what to me, is an annoying show. Why? Because she is callously telling the truth, but over the edge, not just the truth, she is punishing people for lying, sort of too much Justice for my ear. She is correct, but just who want to hear a Mother Judge, lecturing their hillbilly children.

The CBS news comes on, and between the music, the drama talk, and the way that twerp talks as if he know, as if he is the knowledge, he is just a talking head who is too afraid to speak the truth in blunt, and easy to understand English.

BUT, I cannot prove anything, these weaving spiders have obfuscated, ambiguousness, shamed and confused, until we are afraid to say,
“I think he is lying.”

The only way to have freedom of speech is to leave the USA, the tyranny of minorities now has it so I must share the restroom with girls, the last safe place on the planet is under debate. I do not want to share the restroom with anyone, and for sure do not want something makes me feel disgust, and contempt next to me. There is a limit to tolerance, and when they force me to tolerate everything, they have proven they have bad manners. I can look the other way forever, but to force me to speak, and say, and believe, and go along in actions is fascism.

“Indignation is an emotion, and is considered to be a type of anger. Indignation is often composed of anger, disgust, contempt, and resentment. Simply, indignation can be defined as anger that is caused by something that is unfair or wrong. In more detail, indignation is defined as, "a discrete social emotion specifying disapproval of a blameworthy action explicitly perceived as violating the objective order, and, implicitly perceived as injurious to the self-concept".Indignation is an attribution-related emotion causing this emotion to be very personal to those experiencing it. Indignation has been described as the opposite emotion to respect. END QUOTE

Is this what you feel?

Is this what you feel after reading the words above?

This is the USA, a constant feeling that we need to be polite, and tolerate listening to crap come out of peoples mouths, and never say,
“Shut up, you are lying.”

I no longer can live in the USA, as the Brits say,
“I cannot be bothered.”
As the Norwegians say,

As Christ said,
“Turn the other cheek.”

Translated, what Christ said, maybe God, I cannot remember, turn and walk away so that we are not lead into temptation to be angry, which in a nutshell is one reason I travel, to avoid the temptation to slap a few people silly…

Life is good, when we can see clearly what a temptation is, and walk away.

Come to Africa, it is easy to turn off the USA.

Or stop watching the news, and stay out of public restrooms.

Thank you,
Andy Lee Graham on the way to anywhere, but here.
May 11, 2016

Wed, 11 May 2016 04:06:34

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