American Bureaucracy is in My Face

The world like to make rules, and I enjoy avoiding them, I just say no to American Bureaucracy.

I have just returned to the USA, and the American Bureaucracy is in slapping me around, it is in my face. I have this sudden desire to apologize for my actions, I wish I did not speak English. Wait a minute, slow down, I have not done anything wrong, bad, immoral, I just arrived on American soil, and I have been lying in bed, watching movies, or reading a book. I cannot apologize for my actions, I feel some strange desire to apologize for my lack of action.

american bureaucracy

I love living in foreign countries where they do not speak English.

The best way to avoid never-ending rules, laws, queues, misunderstandings, and just plain silliness is to not understand the local language. For example, go to China, you will have no idea what is going on around you, it is very relaxing.

Recently, in the last 2-3 months, I decided to give up on tough talk, maybe I am giving up on tough love, or maybe i surrendered.

The whole world is the same as America, we are not special.

As I have traveled the world, I have met many Americans, Germans, French, and even a lot of Chinese, yes, there is a lot of Israelis, many people leave their home country and live abroad. The world is full of refugees.

Rule Refugees - Avoiding the Rules

It is hard to meet people living abroad, who are not angry at their home country, generally they leave home because they are tired of all the rules. They feel all the rules, or the bureaucracy has them pinned down, they want to breath fresh air. Other countries are not better, it is just simpler to avoid understanding or knowing all the rules when the locals speak a different language.

Life is Good!

I am grateful today that I can separate my needs from my wants, and I do not need to talk with, or listen to people who make me feel guilty and angry.

Thank you,
Andy Graham


Mon, 15 Oct 2012 03:34:45

Fighting for the right to make laws.

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