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A French Black African Called Me an Obaman

I do not like President Obama, but I am glad hs is the President of the USA, it is good for West Africa, maybe bad for me.

A French Black African called me an Obaman

I got on the back of a Motorcycle Taxi, the man asked me where I was from in French, I told him American, and he said,


It was a funny, he called me an,


I do not really like Obama, but I am glad he is the President of the USA, and for sure hope we do not have any big wars on his watch. And, it made me very happy to hear a common person, uneducated taxi driver from Togo, West Africa say,


He feels pride in Obama, and told me this in words, he associates the USA with a Black person, this is great, this alone grants power, and a sense of pride to Africans.

Now, if I could stop thinking of Black Americans as rappers with their pants falling down, I would feel better about Obama too, I have many mixed thoughts and emotions, and am proud of Obama in a roundabout way. My Mother and Father voted for him, which is quite a statement from small town USA, Midwest farm town Indiana. 


I would like all the American blacks to be more like Obama, and for sure, it would be great if Obama became more like the West Africa blacks. 

I am sure you do not understand that comment,
so just continue to think about it.
The situation between blacks and whites in Africa is radically different than the USA. (Merci.)

Nonetheless, West Africa is proud of Obama, even though President Obama is jumping up and down on it.

(An appendage on the front of the male.)

Never has a person had so much power to change the world, done so little to change the world as President Obama. But a little is better than nothing, so I am glad the President of the United States of America is Black, if nothing else, it makes Africa proud, and more confident, something needed.

He could change all of Africa, and he ignores this continent with 53 countries, the same as most American blacks, as if they would be contaminated by their own history.

A white guy in West Africa, wishing Obama loved Africa as much as me.

Andy Graham in Lome, Togo West Africa 2013


Ohhhhh? The prez does not have as much power as some think. He has it in theory but in action he would not get far if he tried to use it even 80 or so percent of the time. He has to deal with powerful congress people and keep the "un"supreme court in his mind as well.
He can veto most anything he wants but as all presidents know that can lead to many political disasters if they did so.
As for Africa they have little in needed natural resources we would want or the cost of those they do have our corporations are not necessarily willing to pay for. There are some we deal with but again not enough we care about economically.
We are under the U N sending a few troops here and there which is on the UN not the U S. The U N = The United Nothing in reality.
AS someone I know says, "Listen man, it's all very complicated, OK?" I answer, "Whatever man, OK?"

As a tax payer I would like to just once see a prez stand up and do more for this country which has a lot of screwed up internal problems that are still not getting resolved by him or the rest of the system.

The last one that did anything was Kennedy.

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