2012 Ivory Coast After Alassane Gbagbo War

2012 Ivory Coast After Alassane Gbagbo War - Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

2012 Ivory Coast after Alassane - Gbagbo War

It is December of 2012, almost two years since this country was involved in a small revengeful war between two politicians. I have left when the war was starting, and I have returned to Ivory Coast.

As best I can understand, most wars on the planet are about who gets to have the ability to collect all the money from the citizens of the country. Ever since the beginning of time, leaders, whether a chief, or king, or dictator, all wanted the ability to force citizens to pay them fees, or in many ways it would be more accurately understood as “Mafia Protection.”

Police work on the “Tollgate” principle, they have gates at the entrances to cities, or along a path you need to use.

Christian Islam War

A business or person pays money to the Mafia weekly, in return for paying a small tribute to the boss, the Mafia agrees to not destroy the business. And, to also protect their business from other Mafia bosses. A person paying protections pays the one Mafia boss, until there is a turf war, and the other boss takes over, then the money will go to the new boss.

Ergo - where the song by the musical group “The Who,” coined the words, “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”

Wars Need a Plausible Moral Excuse

The plausible reason in the last election was because Gbagbo refuses to admit he lost the election. Truly, in many ways irrelevant, the country is truly a dictatorship pretending to be a democracy. In here lie one of the big problems, the world loves to hear the word "democracy,{ and if you say this word enough, the world believes it, even though most of Africa people have never lived in a democracy, and has no way of understanding the rights of democracy, it just sounds nice, it is what America does.

Africa people fight continuously to in power, they do not want a democracy, they want to be the one who gets to collects. The bottom line, this was a “Religious War,” and the Islamic side won all hidden under the skirt of democracy talk.

The people of Africa are not angry at the corrupt police; they all want their child to become the policeman who then has the right to steal money.

Politicians stand up; scream for honesty, truth, and democracy, and often the truly honest person just gives up and goes home, it takes a rather dishonest special person to live in the big lie every day of their life.

The majority of the people on the planet do not mind gouging another person once or twice a week, but they do not want to do this to their neighbors on a day in, day out basis, to do this, you need a policeman or politician. Only a politician is depraved enough to enjoy living inside the social construct of a lie.

Stick with the Lie, Keep Saying it.

I often think of President Obama in the USA, he always says, “Change.”

He says the word all the time, keeps repeating it, and as best I can tell, all he does is spend money, sadly, I think he believes "might is right," he believes that you can spend your way out of financial troubles, and to me, it always about saving money until the money is --- Well, saved.

He just said, the killings in Newton of 20 plus children will never happen again, or some political repetition of what the people want to hear. But, nothing is going to change; he just needs to makes the American citizens believe, by continuous repetition. It takes special moral problems to be able to stand in front of the world and cry wolf.

Ivory Coast is right now under a scary dictator, he has used the U.N, and is under the skirt of the Islamic people in Ivory Coast. Now, Islamic people are honest enough to admit, “They do not want democracy, they want Sharia law.

Democratic freedom of religion, used for Islamic reasons.

Again, the big lie is intact, how can you be Islamic, and not obey Muhammad that wants only “Islamic States.”

Any true believe in Islam, has to stick to the story, and make all countries Islamic states.

Oh well, Ivory Coast as best I can determine is peaceful enough, providing you are willing to pretend you do not care. There is an overwhelming amount of people dressed up as police, or military taking money from people.

Personally, I have no desire to live in any country that is in the process of becoming an Islamic state; this always feels like I would be joining a cult.

So, Alassane did a better job of mustering public opinion, Alassane got the United Nations to leave, while he rounded up and killed all the Gbagbo supporters, and dumped them in wells. And, in a fit of moral high ground, he sends Gbagbo to The Hague to be prosecuted for war crimes.

To funny, to ridiculous, truly wish he would have just taken the guy out back in Mexican fashion, and shot him. But, the need to pretend you are democracy is paramount; never let the story down, when the world is watching.

I enjoy being one of the little people on the planet, I will allow all the politician to fight, and often kill each other. And, then I try my best to keep them from stealing my money.

Generally, the older I get, the less I believe any government should be able to collect taxes. This legitimized way of taking my money, and spending it stupidly reminds me of the real world, of the 52 countries in Africa.

Yes, Obama is much like a the blowheart politicians of Africa. People want politicians that make them feel good, not ones that offend.

A government is a legal way of forcing citizens of countries to give the leader of the country their money, to spend in any foolish way they want.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

Wed, 19 Dec 2012 00:49:17

Who's next to piss on Ivory Coast?

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