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    Andy Graham of HoboTraveler.com - Adventure Traveler - 13 years of perpetual travel and has visited 89 countries.

"A life Less Normal"
Questions and Answers - a talk show by  Andy Graham.

A Life Less Normal by Andy Graham

A question and answer talk show featuring Andy Graham a perpetual traveler of 13 years, and who visited 89 countries.

How to Listen to Podcasts on Your Blackberry

Listening to podcast on your blackberry is presently tricky and difficult, no simple systems.


Podcasts Portal - Subscribe to Travel Podcasts and / or learn how to listen to Podcasts while traveling the planet. Andy Graham

Pod cast Defined easy to understand by Andy Graham:
     A Pod cast is a recorded "Radio" show, that is cast on the Internet. People can download the file, and listen to it when they want, this is the benefit. People subscribe by RSS feeds, and it can be downloading in background and listend to at their convenience.

"Podcast is a multimedia file that may combine sound, visual, and textual information, distributed over the Web via syndication feeds. The user can play the files back either at a computer or on a mobile device such as an iPod."
- By Amanda G. Watlington, Ph.D., A.P.R. Podcasting Defined on WilsonWeb.com

Podcast Defined by Wikipedia: An RSS feed icon, commonly used to indicate the Web feed for a podcastA podcast (or non-streamed webcast) is a series of digital media files (either audio or video) that are released episodically and often downloaded through web syndication. The word usurped webcast in common vernacular, the word podcast is made famous from iPod due to rising popularity and the innovation of web feeds.

     The mode of delivery differentiates podcasting from other means of accessing media files over the Internet, such as direct download, or streamed webcasting. A list of all the audio or video files currently associated with a given series is maintained centrally on the distributor's server as a web feed, and the listener or viewer employs special client application software known as a podcatcher that can access this web feed, check it for updates, and download any new files in the series. This process can be automated so that new files are downloaded automatically. Files are stored locally on the user's computer or other device ready for offline use, giving simple and convenient access to episodic content. Commonly used audio file formats are Ogg Vorbis and MP3. In many respects, this is closer to traditional publishing models associated with books and magazines (as opposed to radio, which uses a live stream).

     Academics at the Community, Journalism & Communication Research group at the University of Texas at Austin in the USA are proposing a four-part definition of a podcast: A podcast is a digital audio or video file that is episodic; downloadable; programme-driven, mainly with a host and/or theme; and convenient, usually via an automated feed with computer software.

BORG This: - Information to be assimilated

Concepts to Define:

Podcast Goals by Andy Graham

Great Jeff, exactly the feedback I need.

How you listen is:
1. iPhone 4, and listen in my car via a connection to the car stereo.
2. A dock connected to my stereo at home
3. Use headphones to listen while walking the dog as well.

I enjoy the ability to receive the content when and where I want? I do not understand this?

Promoted the Podcast:
1. Providing a link to the download
2. Listed on iTunes

Audience like various things.
1. Photos
2. Videos
3. Writing - Articles, Quotes, Questions Data, Jokes and Gossip
5. ??? Podcast
6. Tweet - a notice of something
7. Facebook a notice also

http://www.roadspill.org/  or http://www.borderfilms.com/

Hi Andy:

There is a free phone service called http://k7.net/ that will give you what you need.

- The phone number is based in Seattle.
- You can record an outgoing message.
- All messages are emailed to you (or you can download them).
- Audio files are available in low and high quality (.wav).
- Messages can be 5 minutes long.
- You can receive faxes.
- You can only store 20 messages on the website, but that shouldn't matter. Newest messages will replace oldest. But you'll have audio files of all messages mailed to you.
- Cost is FREE!!! All you have to do is make sure there is one message left every month. I schedule a "keep alive" call in my calendar to remind me to call that number (via skype) once per month.

I've used it for years and it works like a charm. You can try leaving me a message at (EDITED NUMBER OUT).


Lake Atitlan


    Here's a cheap and simple lighting set up for you. Assuming what you want it to record yourself speaking to camera, or at most you sitting next to someone having a conversation, what I would do is go buy 2 cheap worklights (see picture http://bit.ly/dThogh). They weigh almost nothing and are durable enough to stand up to abuse while traveling.

    Get regular compact florescent (CFL) bulbs for them, but try to get the higher wattage bulbs. CFL bulbs are great because they produce almost no heat. Plus the colour of the light they produce is close to daylight, so it will match with any light coming in from a window or door (otherwise you might look orange). The light from CFL bulbs is naturally soft so you won't have major shadows to deal with.

    You can clamp the lights onto a desk, or chair, and swivel the lights until they are directed at you. For best results try to put the lights about 30-45 degrees off axis on either side of your face. You can experiment with distances and angles to get the lighting to look the way you want. You might find keeping one light further away or more off-axis will result in an image with more depth. Set up your camera somewhere in between the two lights.

     You can also light yourself with only one light, and use the second light to light up the background if the room is too dark. In this case the light on you should be about 15-20 degrees off axis.


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