Planning For Russia With Historical Novels And Films

I find myself reading books, and watching films about Russia, I recognized, my subconscious has decided to go to Russia, and motivates me to research.

War and Peace

I watched War and Peace, the film last night, it was made in 1956, one year younger than me --- sometimes I must remember the producers, writers, and directors probably were more intelligent in the 1950 with films, then in 2016.


Russia, I am a cold war child, I can remember my mother stockpiling canned food in the basement in preparation of nuclear war with Russia. Not the best first impression of a country I know almost nothing about, other than something like, “Them dirty Russians.”

I have read the Tom Clancy books, then two years ago I watched a documentary about Napoleon Bonaparte, and our American comrades, the French attacked Russia. And, again, with you tube videos studying how the Germans lead to 55 millions people dying in WW II, I realized that Russia were maybe the ones that stopped the Germans, not the Americans.

So here in the last few months, after meeting a Russian Flight attendant in Venice, my mind keeps dwelling, and it leads me back to Russia.

Historical novels are “history light,” much easier to read, then boring history books, and when needed, I just ping Wikipedia for more hard facts, and less drama. Although I have learned that the “lefties” often Germans LOL have invaded Wiki, so watch the words as they slant, history can be tainted.

Historical Novels about Russia

Historical Movies about Russia

Knowledge of the Internet is about keywords, I am familiar with the word “list,” so I did a Google search for:

Historical Novels

“List of historical novels about Russia.”

Put the word “List” in front, and you will get a list.

Up pops a list of novels, and clues small hints, pointing out the path to knowledge.

What we dwell on, what our mind mischievously finds, what we find ourselves doing is who we are, this defines us, me, and you. So, are you watching football, and drinking a beer, while reading this, on these things we need to think, we are on a stage of our own choice. Facebook is dumbing down your children and while you read this, this is the Facebook generation, lost in dribble. We still have a chance, we can construct our brains, and choose the stage we play on.


If you want plan a trip, read first everything on Wikipedia about the location, watch the films, and read the books. And if you find yourself reading and watching about another location, follow that path that is where you really want to go…

Thank you,
Andy Lee Graham in Orland, Indiana January 26, 2016