Plan A Trip To Southeast Europe - Plan Trip

You can stare at the map of southeastern Europe, and nothing is obvious, there is no well worn path for world travelers.

Generally, real travelers wish to always move forward, never backtrack. There is always an entrance, and an exit to a continent. Paul Theroux like to say, travel ocean to ocean, meaning the best way of understanding a travel destination it to plan a trip by land, on the ground from ocean to ocean.

Where to enter southeastern Europe?

Map Southeastern Europe

Oops, I am going to miss a couple countries.

Herein is the push, the problem, the dilemna, this means I must return to Southeastern Europe.


Andy Lee Graham 


Andy, in at least one of your videos you rattle off a list of destinations with the "perfect climate". Can you do a blog post listing them? Thanks, Wolf


I will make a list of perfect climates blog.

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