Plan Trip

Help to plan trip, planning a vacation, planning a business trip, we all could use a little help to plan trip.

Checklist of ideas to plan you trip overseas, generally this whole site is one big Travel Tip on planning to Travel.

  1. When to stop Traveling
  2. Jungle trip preparation.
  3. Cold Weathers
  4. Sandals for Buddhist, Islam, and Hindu countries
  5. What type of traveler are you
  6. Guidebook shortcomings
  7. Stocking up cities, or places you should start your trip
  8. Scanning you passport and sending to Email box.
  9. What you CANNOT buy while traveling
  10. Visas
  11. Manners
  12. Your FIRST day in a country
  13. Vacation or Tour
  14. How to screw the guidebooks
  15. Planning Daily Travel
  16. Get a Passport
  17. Business Days
  18. Backpack


Crying Babies Ruins My Trip to Kuala Lumpur

When you plan your trip, try your best to avoid all crying babies.

Dominican Republic Is Dangerous -- Why Africa Is Safer

Dominican Republic is the most dangerous country I have visited, more dangerous than Iraq, Haiti or 90 others. Let me explain why Africa is very safe.

Guaranteed Great Future Memories of Togo Trip

Planing a Trip Travel Tip

Make Plans to Avoid Irrelevant Tourists Attractions

Do I really need to travel a 1,000 miles to see "made for tourists" tourist attractions?

Maybe the Biggest Travel Mistake is to Compare our Vacations to Other Types of Travel

My friend told me how much he spent going to Jamaica for two weeks: I wanted to know what that had to do with me living in Dominican Republic?

Plan A Trip To Southeast Europe - Plan Trip

You can stare at the map of southeastern Europe, and nothing is obvious, there is no well worn path for world travelers.

Plan Trip

Help to plan trip, planning a vacation, planning a business trip, we all could use a little help to plan trip.

Planning For Russia With Historical Novels And Films

I find myself reading books, and watching films about Russia, I recognized, my subconscious has decided to go to Russia, and motivates me to research.

The Road Not Taken Is A Poem By Robert Frost

This words say everything needed for planning a trip. "Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled."

Writing A Travel or Live Abroad Mission Statement

You are planning to spend more money in two weeks, then you earn in a month, it is best to know the mission, and perform the mission.

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