Crying Babies Ruins My Trip to Kuala Lumpur

When you plan your trip, try your best to avoid all crying babies.

Planning a trip is fun, often more fun than the actual trip, there is the anticipation that makes it all worth the time.

Yet, would you go on vacation if you knew it was going to rain the whole week?

Would you get on a bus if you knew there would be a baby screaming and crying the whole trip?

One bad experience can really destroy the memory, the dream.

Kuala Lumpur

I flew into Kuala Lumpur Airport last night, the trip from the Airport was one of the worst in my 15 years of perpetual travel.

This memory is so bad, my back hurts so much from walking 3-5 miles with my 30 kilo backpacks. I had no choice, there were no taxis, and every anticipated walk was 5 time further than expected. None of the information i was given was correct, all was misrepresented, the travel information was crap.

I am an extremely experienced traveler, and I am 100 percent positive, there is no way to always avoid the pain of travel, the only way to avoid it is to not travel.

I have only two nights in KL, and the bottom line is this, there is nothing I can do that would overwhelm the ugly, horrible, trip from the airport to my Hotel room.

I know I will always carry this memory with me...

Please, when you plan a trip, do your best to remove all major painful memories. I had no choice, there was no way to turn back.

Entry to Russia from Mongolia.

I was in Mongolia one time, and the woman who could help me to get a visa was trying to torture me, she was the worst. Instead of entering Russia, I purchased a ticket to Thailand and aborted my trip to Russia. I was lucky with the Russia trip, I was able to abort, and I will enter Russia in a good spirit.

One Bad Memory Can Ruin a Trip

There was no baby on the trip, it was just pure torture, I walked more with my backpacks than I did in the whole last year of my trip, it ruined this trip to KL.

I do not try to make the best of a bad memory, I accept them, live with them and go on with my life.

Life is Good, but better when we keep our bad memories to to a minimal.

Fun stuff, but I will never come back to KL.

The world is way to big to gamble twice on one destination.

Go do something else that is fun, as fast as possible... hehehe

Watch this video, he explains the story better than me:


Andy Graham


Keep the mind open and keep going. Need to lay the Hoosier charm on a night market in KL, and post the results. Saturday night and the night is you. One foot and now the other.


Why no cabs at an airport or busses? I once had a similar experience in Detroit no less, long time ago.
Train station around midnight and I walked for about 1/2 mile thumbing for a ride.
Finally got one but after I jumped into the large old Buick the 2 guys were drunk as hell.
They offered me their bottle but I politely refused and told them I needed out about 8 or 9 blocks down
the street. Got out and started over and finally got a ride home with a decent guy.
Never did find out why no cabs there as there always were.

Another time I was thumbing for a long ride from LA to my base around 8 pm. A car stops and he says he'll take me most of the way to the basic cutoff highway to the base which meant a ride with him was around 110 miles and then another 30 on the road to my base. He was gay and I plaed along with his hand every now and then reaching over to my leg and listening to his "sweet talk" trying to get me to stay in Palm Springs with him.
Nothing happened as he knew I was a Marine and I was bigger than him so we joked, etc and he let me off at my cutoff road with no problems.

Never know when you travel what wonderful experiences await. L O L !


I got on the fast train, and planned to take a taxi with my 30-40 kilos of extra things I am taking to Africa. There was a big sign at the taxi counter.
"No Taxis for 1 hour."
So, I did option two, get on the monorail. Well, I thought it was just around the corner, and about a half mile later, I finally found it, maybe 3/4 of a mile. It is HOT in KL, and I was soaked, wet, tired from the plane, and worried about pickpockets. 50 percent of the people here seem to be from India, Bangladesh, Philippines, and other question marks.

I got pick-pocked in Madrid, Spain under the exact same circumstance, do not get on subways when really tired...

I make it to the end of the monorail, it is an air conditioned car, and only four stops.

My directions say, walk out straight, and go "300 Meters." There is 2-3 ways to go straight, so I am F###ked. I ask five people, nobody know the Hotel.

KL a horrible place with really nice people. Many people helped me, and two older men pulled out their Smartphone and found the Hotel on a map.

But, the stupid hotel really gave directions to Victory Street HOTEL 2, and not want, and truly Hotel is an ugly joke. I am in Victory Street Boutique Hotel, more of less a Hotel for immigrants, with a fancy name, 50 rooms is not a Boutique Hotel.

But, when you arrive in one of the bigger cities on the planet at 9:00 PM, dark, hot, and full of frustration, any hotel with AC is OK.

One plug in the Hotel, and the British type, the Hotel is ran by Philippines people,
"Bakit Hinde."
But, I have yet to meet a KL person while here on the ground. I did meet a Nepal guy in 7-ll and four Thai girls wanting to give me a massage with benefits.

The city is beautiful, and those two big towers in the distance seem good, but my back is hurting, and truly I am on the way to Africa, I wanted an easy stop in KL for kicks, and it kicked me alright.

Do not get hung up on KL, all big cities suck until you figure out how they work. But I do not believe there is any easy way to just stop in KL. The airport is 80 kilometers from the city, and a subway, and a taxi, not my idea of easy.

Easy is Bangkok, I pay 230 Baht for a taxi with AC to my Hotel on Khaosan Road.

Funny part, I will arrive in Abidjan, Ivory Coast and take a 30 mile taxi for 20 dollars to Grand Bassam without a problem.

I think people make a lot of excuses for big cities, some big juicy rationalizations on why to say overpopulated cities are nice. The are nice to visit, but horrible places to live. In a way, I think this is the boom boom girl capital, that is my guess, another Sukumvit.

I have completely broken any desire or obsession to window shop, or buy, so KL is not much fun. But, for any European that has never seen a skyscraper, this is the place. Skyscrapers are always interesting in an expensive way.

I have no desire to be in a faceless big city, being a faceless person.

I am only on the way to Cote d'Ivoire, West Africa, and stop here to say I have been here, no more, no less, there is never a reason to try to make the best of any city. I bounce off of many, and just keep moving, never looking back. There is always a better place to be, no reason to make the best of any situation that starts out bad, just get back on the bus...

Life is Good, I can visit KL again in my next life.

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