Walls Ice Cream Around the World

The Walls Ice Cream Sign - That symbol of Ice cream is everywhere in the world. Beijing China in Ex-pat area.
Next to Monkey Business - From Newsletter # 142

I do not know where this Ice Cream originates. But it a brand everywhere in the world. I have seen it in all the countries I have entered. The logo stays the same. The name changes.  - Koh Tao Thailand  - Newsletter 072 072kohtao02.shtml

Ice Cream company that has taken over the world,
Walls Ice Cream in Chang Saen, Thailand near the Golden Triangle. This is in the AJ's Guesthouse.
From newsletter 100 or page: 100ajsguesthouse.shtml

This Ice Cream country is in every country I have every entered. Algida is the name here, but is Walls from England in Reality.
Pringles, Coke, Nescafe, and this Ice Cream. are the biggies around the world. This is next to the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey.
From newsletter 116 photo page: 116istanbul02.shtml



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