Ways to be Robbed in Room or Hotel

I stayed here for a few nights. The toilet is in the upper right.
I went to use the toilet 3 times around 4-5 a.m.
When I came out a person was standing around outside my room.
The India People watch people leave their rooms to use the toilet. Run up the outside steps and run
into the room. I locked my door so no problem.

This is a Typical Hotel in Hampi India or in many places.
You go to the toilet and they rob th room.

This is a photo in Benalium Beach India of Goa State.
This very nice 2 story small Hotel had this ledge around the first floor. The reason for this ledge was to keep the monsoon rains from flowing into the first floor window, but it also allowed the robbers and thieves a great way to rob your room.


This is a photo taken in Benalium Beach India in Goa.
This ledge is around the whole house.

A person is able to walk around the ledge and reach in the room to steal things off the table, bed.

You cannot see the ledge from the Inside of the room.

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